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Categories: Dealer Ops, Digital, Opinion, Showroom
Data Mining: The Golden Opportunity You’re Ignoring

Why wait for slow times to mine your database? Expert offers a four-step plan to make data mining a full-time profit center — and all you need is a process...
Categories: Dealer Ops, Opinion, Showroom
Tesla’s Electric Pickup: Is It a Work Truck?

Fleet Forward’s Chris Brown takes an up-close look at the Tesla Cybertruck and asks whether an (almost) indestructible exterior can help it break into the...
Categories: Compliance, Opinion
Act Now to Prevent Violence at Your Dealership

If you don’t already have one, these safety guidelines can help you formulate a plan to deal with workplace violence head on.
Categories: Dealer Ops, F&I, Opinion, Showroom, Training
4 Ways Training Improves Retention and Results

Expert shares the four essential components dealers should look for in outside training programs for sales and F&I professionals, each of which contributes...
Categories: Dealer Ops, Opinion, Showroom
Is Your Store Suffering From Cultural Lag?

Dealers must find a new unique selling proposition in a market driven by highly informed car buyers who already know your price and are more likely to be...
Categories: Dealer Ops, Digital, Opinion, Showroom
3 Digital Retailing Myths Debunked

Concerns over costs, the customer experience, and intangible benefits have prevented many dealers from competing in the digital sales and F&I arena....
Categories: Dealer Ops, Digital, F&I, Opinion, Showroom, Training
Why Dealership Staff Fear Digital Retailing (and What to Do About It)

Dealers see the potential for more sales, higher profits, and improved CSI scores that digital sales and F&I can bring. Your employees fear the loss of job...
Categories: Digital, Fixed Ops, Opinion
Data Can Help Dealers Sell More OE Parts

Once treated as classified information, factory parts data is now shared freely. Opportunistic franchised dealers are seizing the opportunity by selling...
Categories: Dealer Ops, F&I, Opinion, Showroom, Training
Report: Customers Want to Buy Insurance at the Dealership

A new DealerPolicy study finds 83% of customers would buy auto insurance as part of their car-buying process — but only 9% were given the opportunity.
Categories: Compliance, Opinion
Let’s Change One Little Fact …

Hudson explains how requiring out-of-state buyers to transport their own vehicle creates a ‘good fact’ that can help ensure your own state’s laws will...
Categories: Dealer Ops, Digital, Opinion, Showroom
Opinion: Stop Stocking Vehicles You Can’t Sell

Inventory management expert advises dealers to go against the used-car flow by using online marketing to clear out aging units and inform your stocking...
Categories: Dealer Ops, Opinion, Showroom
5 Tips for Dealer Success in Uncertain Times

Build a foundation of returning sales and service customers that will withstand any downturn. Operations expert lists the five simple strategies you need to...
Categories: Compliance, Dealer Ops, Opinion
I Was the Dieselgate Guy. Here’s What I Learned.

The dealer who chaired Volkswagen’s U.S. advisory council through the Dieselgate scandal says his experience reinforced the need to communicate with speed,...
Categories: Digital, Opinion, Showroom, Training
3 Steps to Scrub Your Customer Data and Sell More Cars

Unleash the power of your CRM by building your sales and marketing initiatives around clean customer data. Data quality expert walks you through the...
Categories: Dealer Ops, Opinion, Showroom
5 Ways to Catch Up to the Market

Whether your dealership is big, small, profitable or unprofitable, it’s time to take a fresh look at how you’re measuring success.
Categories: Compliance, Opinion, Training
The Topic That Won’t Go Away: Loan Fees

A North Dakota car buyer prevailed in a recent case involving loan (or ‘acquisition’) fees that reached the state supreme court, where the dealer was found...
Categories: Dealer Ops, Opinion, Showroom
Opinion: For Dealers, Carsharing Is About Revenue, Not Miles

Former dealer is convinced that miles mean money for dealers in the shared economy, where a large and growing customer base of ride-hail drivers is poised...
Categories: Digital, Opinion
4 New Dealer Digital Marketing Tactics

Make your digital storefront easy to find and deliver a more engaging online experience — for sales and service — with four leading-edge strategies you can...
Categories: Digital, Fixed Ops, Opinion
4 Ways to Turn Recalls Into Positive Customer Interactions

Recalls drive service revenue and bring customers back to the dealership. Why not take advantage? Expert lists four ways to turn your next recall event into...
Categories: Compliance, Fixed Ops, Opinion
DOL Investigations and Employing Minors in Dealership Service Departments

A shortage of qualified lube techs is no reason to ignore the strict — and strictly enforced — Department of Labor rules governing the employment of your...
Categories: Compliance, Opinion
4 Compliance Mistakes Every Dealer Makes Once

Expert lists four surprisingly common — but easily avoidable — errors and omissions dealer principals commit along the road to front-end compliance.
Categories: Digital, Opinion
Opinion: Early Identification Improves the Customer Journey

Dealer software expert identifies targeted marketing as a space to watch in 2019 as retailers and finance sources seek out and invest in new ways to engage...
Categories: Digital, Opinion
5 Steps to Bring Your Dealer Website Up to Code

Whip your website into shape with this rundown of five mission-critical performance standards and personalization tools every dealer needs to compete on any...
Categories: Digital, F&I, Opinion
Why VSCs and PPM Work for the Modern Car Buyer

Despite rampant misinformation surrounding F&I products, a survey of U.S. car buyers and lessees proves the need for service contracts and prepaid...
Categories: Compliance, Opinion
Disclaiming Warranties? Do It Right!

A Pennsylvania case proves the dealer’s choice of words can make or break a consumer’s claim resulting from the mechanical failure of a vehicle sold ‘as is.’
Categories: Digital, Opinion
You Have 8 Seconds to Impress Me

Dwindling consumer attention spans have compelled many retailers to make their marketing messages faster and louder. Smart dealers use their first eight...
Categories: Digital, Opinion
The Antidote to a Down Market May Surprise You

Dealers who invest in AI- and ML-powered digital marketing solutions today will reap the rewards of active-shopper targeting and engagement when the market...
Categories: Compliance, Opinion
Just How Good Are Those Predictions Anyway?

Hudson scores four sets of predictions made by carlaw practitioners at the end of 2017 — including his own.
Categories: Auto Finance, Opinion
3 Reasons to Believe in Leasing in 2019

Attractive price points, sustained value of off-lease units, and rising interest rates point toward leasing remaining a viable financing option for dealers...
Categories: Compliance, Opinion
Opinion: States Lead the Way in Privacy Law

Until a national privacy bill is adopted, auto dealers face a patchwork of standards written in places like California, Colorado, and Vermont — not to...
Categories: Digital, Opinion
Will the Real Disruptors Please Stand Up?

Headline-grabbing technology is distracting dealers from the trends that are having a real and immediate impact on the productivity of your sales, F&I, and...
Categories: Dealer Ops, Opinion
Opinion: Mercedes-Benz Does Facilities Right

In an industry fraught with dealer-factory tension, Mercedes-Benz launched its Autohaus II initiative in cooperation with and in support of its franchisees.
Categories: Auto Finance, Opinion
Opinion: Biweekly Payments Fit a Biweekly World

Expert says affordable payments are the key to dealership success as incentives fall, interest rates rise, and the vast majority of Americans continues to...
Categories: Digital, Opinion
Leverage Your Factory’s Marketing Tools

Dealers seeking a harmonious online-to-instore experience should start by taking advantage of the advanced digital marketing tools, assets, and services...
Categories: F&I, Industry, Opinion
Opinion: GM’s New Warranty May Hurt, Not Help, Dealers

General Motors’ extended bumper-to-bumper warranty would appear to benefit all sides, but dealers should consider alternatives to maximize profits — and...
Categories: F&I, Industry, Opinion
Opinion: GM’s New Warranty May Hurt, Not Help, Dealers

General Motors’ extended bumper-to-bumper warranty would appear to benefit all sides, but dealers should consider alternatives to maximize profits — and...
Categories: F&I, Industry, Opinion
Opinion: GM’s New Warranty May Hurt, Not Help, Dealers

General Motors’ extended bumper-to-bumper warranty would appear to benefit all sides, but dealers should consider alternatives to maximize profits — and...
Categories: Compliance, Opinion
The Federales Are Watching

There is a palpable sense of relief among dealers at the end of the CFPB era, but the FTC, DOJ, and state attorneys general are actively taking up the...
Categories: Digital, Opinion
Your Martech Stack Is Missing the Mark

Expert shares advice for dealers whose marketing technology stacks have failed to meet your customers’ growing expectations.
Categories: Dealer Ops, Opinion, Training
You Need a Game Plan for a Flat Market

Stay competitive in a flat market by refocusing on the fundamentals of new-inventory management, forecasting, and tracking.
Categories: Opinion, Training
Empowerment Plus Training Equals Success

Close the motivation gap by backing your sales and F&I training programs with clear objectives for success and a culture of empowerment.
Categories: Dealer Ops, Opinion, Training
Save Our Summer Sale!

Heard has the five-step plan you need to salvage your slow summer sales season before the clock strikes midnight on Labor Day.
Categories: Compliance, Dealer Ops, Opinion
Dealer Principal as Big Brother

Dealers who undertake electronic surveillance of employees’ emails and phone calls must be aware of state consent requirements and tread carefully to avoid...
Categories: Compliance, Opinion
Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

Hudson details a Connecticut lawsuit that confirmed as-is vehicle sales are subject to the UCC’s implied warranties rule.
Categories: Dealer Ops, F&I, Fixed Ops, Opinion
Opinion: Dealers Must Prepare for Trump Tariffs

Dealers and manufacturers have a major stake in the outcome of the Trump administration’s new tariffs, starting with the pricing of vehicles and parts.
Categories: Auto Finance, Compliance, Dealer Ops, F&I, Opinion
The CFPB’s Spirit Lives On

In the first of a series of F&I Think Tank webinars, attorney Eric Johnson offered a wake-up call to dealers and F&I professionals who thought the industry...
Categories: F&I, Opinion
Ed Bobit: A Man of Outsized Pleasures

Ed Bobit, the founder of Bobit Business Media, F&I and Showroom and many more media brands, passed away June 29, 2014, at the age of 86. Bobit was a man of...

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