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Categories: Wellness
Use Your Power Wisely

“When it comes to saving energy, turning devices off when not in use is a good start, but only the beginning,” says Tamara Jercha, founder of...
Categories: Industry News, Wellness
Websites Worth Watching: Schoon Scientific

Doug Schoon is a well-known chemist in the nail industry who has been instrumental in keeping nail techs, salon owners, and clients informed on important...
Categories: Industry News, Nail Design, Wellness
Tips Before and After Seeing a Nail Tech

Shape magazine tells readers how to prepare for a trip to the nail salon, and what to do after.
Categories: Wellness
Under the Microscope: Brittle Nails

Sometimes called onychorrhexis or onychoschizia, brittle nails peel,...
Categories: Wellness
Do Glass Bead Sterilizers Really Work?

While glass bead sterilizers shouldn’t be your only method of disinfection, they can be used for extra assurance.
Categories: For Students, Wellness
Tabletop Dust and Odor Removal

The company’s new Generation III table model delivers a smaller solution for harmful dust and odors.
Categories: Wellness
UV Protection for the Cautious

We all know UV lights are safe, but what about those clients who aren’t so sure? If one of your clients is shying away from gel-polish services out...
Categories: Technique, Wellness
Macadamia Nail Oil

LCN’s Macadamia Nail Oil can be massaged into the cuticles to make dry, stressed skin supple and soft.
Categories: Wellness
Fresh Nail

Fresh Nail from Tammy Taylor is an effective remedy for the common bacterial infection of the nail plate, pseudomonas (AKA greenies).
Categories: Wellness
Personal Trainer: Upper Back Trouble

On top of a full day at the salon, we ride in the car, sit at the computer, watch TV, and interact with our phones. It’s a full day of poor posture,...

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