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Categories: Command, Patrol, Point of Law, Technology, Training & Careers
The State of American Law Enforcement - A Love-Hate Relationship

"My brother told me, 'If you want everyone to love you, join the fire department. If you want half the people to love you but half the people to hate...
Categories: Training & Careers, Weapons
Drawing from Non-Duty Holsters

In law enforcement training we tend to focus only on how to draw a full-size service pistol from a duty holster. Let's look at some preferred techniques...
Categories: Training & Careers
Killing Urban Shield

Last month activists and politicians in Northern California pulled the plug on America's best scenario-based SWAT training exercise.
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Police Product Test: Streamlight SL-20L Flashlight

Historically, the biggest hurdle with LED technology has been getting the "candela" or "candlepower" to compare to that of an incandescent. LEDs...
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Training & Careers
The School of Hard Knocks

The introduction comes in the form of a three-minute round of body sparring in a 6X6-foot ring against the trainers, all noted martial artists and police...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Training & Careers
Inside the Mind of a Cold Case Detective

The first thing a good investigator, especially a cold case investigator, needs to know is that you can't base your conclusions on past experiences...
Categories: Training & Careers
Crowd Control: Beyond the Mobile Field Force

American officers are facing a new era of protest, but agencies are still using tactics and methods and training their officers to the standards of 40 or...
Categories: Training & Careers
What Gear Do I Need?

To help give you some insight into what you'll actually need on the street, the editors of POLICE Magazine contacted a number of veteran...
Categories: Command, Point of Law, Training & Careers
Courtroom Common Sense

Testifying might be unfamiliar territory, but a few tips can make it less painful.
Categories: Point of Law, Training & Careers
Understanding Probable Cause

Probable cause is much less than proof "beyond a reasonable doubt," which the prosecutor must meet in order to convict a defendant. But PC is something...
Categories: Training & Careers
Officer Fitness: The Drag Move

Pulling heavy objects is effective as a strength and endurance builder.
Categories: Training & Careers
5 Moves That Could Save Your Life

When teaching defensive tactics, simple is better. If you can't execute a technique automatically under stress, it won't do you any good. In fact, it...
Categories: Training & Careers
Range Training Equipment

Use these tools to enhance your shooting practice.
Categories: Patrol, Point of Law, Training & Careers
How to Watch the Hands

It is imperative that you be able to recognize when suspects are using their hands to access and deploy weapons so you know how to respond. Never bring a...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Going the Wrong Way

The really great thing about a career in law enforcement is all the exciting and wonderful experiences we get to have. Using Oscar Wilde's definition of...
Categories: Command, Patrol, Training & Careers
You Said What?

One of the first things that becomes apparent when I review dash cam footage of incidents is how much vulgarity spurts out of our little brains...
Categories: Special Units, Training & Careers
Police Product Test: Rocky S2V Vented Military Duty Boots

The S2V is an 8.5-inch leather and 1,000-denier Cordura nylon boot with a proprietary Vibram sole that is made in the USA. Rocky's Dri-Lex material...
Categories: Command, Patrol, Procedures & Policies, Training & Careers
The State of American Law Enforcement - Women Warriors

Maintaining a balance between one's identity as a woman and as a police officer is never going to be easy. Knowing this, Sgt. Stefani Gombar of the...
Categories: Procedures & Policies, Special Units, Training & Careers
How to Join a Bicycle Unit

A great bicycle officer has a strong service mentality, paramount knowledge of laws, a thirst for new knowledge, and someone who can adapt to change...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Ounces of Prevention

You know how to respond to a deadly human threat, but you're much more likely to get sick on the job than you are to be shot. Many officers...
Categories: Technology, Training & Careers
Training Sims Help Officers Use Appropriate Force

Nothing is exactly the same as being in an incident on the street, but today’s use-of-force judgment training simulators are getting darn close....
Categories: Training & Careers
Personal Maintenance

In the modern world there are many great reminders to help us make sure we do our maintenance chores right on time. I just wish the critical tools in my...
Categories: Procedures & Policies, Special Units, Training & Careers
How to Become a Bomb Tech

There are many more officers who want to wear the fabled bomb tech symbol of laurel leaves, electric bolts, and an aerial known as the "crab" than there...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Point of Law, Special Units, Training & Careers
Reduce Negative Impact of Miranda

Has Miranda v. Arizona adversely affected criminal justice and public safety? Miranda has resulted in the inability to clear a...
Categories: Training & Careers
Just Get It Done

Scheduling high-intensity workouts is much easier when you have an actionable plan.
Categories: Training & Careers, Weapons
Instinct and Knife Attack Defense

It is ridiculous to think that an officer could take a single defensive tactics course that teaches specific techniques for knife defense and then be...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers, Weapons
Torture Testing

All holsters are not created equal. You know that. You also know that different types of holsters are designed to be used for different police...
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
Conducting Effective Meetings

Most facets of supervising can be placed in one of two categories: action or admin. The action parts are what supervisors usually enjoy doing the most....
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers, Weapons
Learning from the Past

By studying the threats faced by officers years ago, today's police can prepare themselves for what they might face and develop the tactics, the...
Categories: Training & Careers
Instilling Positive Expectations

I have discovered that a trainer has an incredibly powerful role to play in imbuing the trainee with either positive or negative expectations. And...
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
The Chief Trainer

You are a chief or sheriff. Get real and train with your officers. You should be one of the first enrolled in your defensive tactics...
Categories: Training & Careers
De-Escalation  Instructor Training

This October, a new de-escalation training methodology was presented to law enforcement administrators, supervisors, and field officers in Delaware that...
Categories: Training & Careers, Weapons
Never Bring a TASER to a Gunfight

Some special interest groups and at least one Texas legislator believe that TASERs should be used only when deadly force is justified. This is a very...
Categories: Patrol, Procedures & Policies, Training & Careers
Oral Board Preparation

Dealing with oral boards is a fact of life. One of your main objectives is finding a way to distinguish yourself from the other candidates. Like...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Cuffing with Useful Force

Tragically, the lives of many officers have been lost at the hands of suspects who attacked without warning as the officer attempted to apply handcuffs....
Categories: Training & Careers
Plan to Advance Your Career

When it comes to career planning, first things first: Figure out your desired career path.
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
Establishing Priorities

If we don't set priorities, we tend to follow the path of least resistance, avoiding the big and difficult jobs and thereby leading to delay or failure.
Categories: Training & Careers
Hemorrhage Control

Officer Joshua Burns might have bled out and died if it wasn't for a new emergency medical program that the Dallas PD had implemented just weeks before...
Categories: Training & Careers
Officer Fitness: Burst Training

HIIT exercises can power you through your shifts.
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
If I Were a Crook

If I were a crook these are some of the methods and techniques I would use to victimize the people in your jurisdiction. Believe me, bad guys in your...
Categories: Training & Careers
Reading List to Make 2018 Your Best Financial Year Yet

I want to share a list of the four books that have most impacted my financial success as I've made a study of wealth building over the last several...
Categories: Training & Careers
Closing the Gap

The reactionary gap is the distance you must keep between you and the suspect in order for you to respond to any sudden threat. That distance tends...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Drink Energy Drinks Responsibly

If you're depending on highly caffeinated beverages to stay awake during your shifts, make sure you're aware of the effects and how much is too much.
Categories: Command, Patrol, Training & Careers
How to Succeed as a First-time Supervisor

Prepare for a leadership role by acquiring the skills and training you'll need.
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Training & Careers
Combined Response to Active Shooters

The final element of an active threat incident is the response. This encompasses the police response to end the attack, Fire/EMS response to aid and...
Categories: Training & Careers
Unlocking the Confusion Around Chokeholds

Chokeholds are some of the most controversial and effective techniques that officers can use to end attacks.
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
Military Vets Joining Law Enforcement

Men and women leaving active-duty military jobs would seem to be a perfect fit for police careers. But there are many obstacles in their way and hurdles...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
The Twist That Saves Lives

Not that long ago any police commander who was buying tourniquets for officers and urging their use when appropriate would have been thought reckless....
Categories: Command, Training & Careers, Vehicle Ops
Code Three Syndrome

Code three is lights and siren, and man is it fun. You are lord of the road, racing here and there to accidents, crimes in progress, officer needs...
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
The Old Guy League

This old guy league is a collection of distinguished and often colorful characters; take time to get to know a few. It is very important for the older...

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