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Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Video: Secret Service Chief Resigns Amid Security Failures

A spate of security failures has led to the resignation of the Director of the U.S. Secret Service.
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Technology, Training & Careers, Vehicle Ops, Weapons
Colo. Trooper Seriously Injured During Wild Carjacker Chase

A Colorado State Trooper was seriously injured Wednesday morning during a wild pursuit through the Denver metro area that started after a red SUV with a...
Categories: Training & Careers
NYPD Unions Intervene to Stop Inspector

The unions representing NYPD officers have joined the fight to install an independent inspector to monitor the agency and revamp its stop-and-frisk policy.
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Training & Careers
Officer Safety Training Tip: Using Leg Strikes

Video #3: Using Leg Strikes. POLICE Magazine has teamed up with The MMA Lab in Glendale, Ariz., to offer a series of training videos demonstrating defensive...
Categories: Special Units, Training & Careers
9/11: Port Authority Police Department

Thirty-seven. That's how many New York/New Jersey Port Authority Police officers came to work on Sept. 11, 2001, and never went home. More than 2 percent...
Categories: Training & Careers
La. Cops Beef at Off-Duty T-Stop

Two Baton Rouge (La.) Police officers have been given counseling after a heated exchange at a vehicle stop. One officer had pulled over the other while both...
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
There Is No Off The Record

If someone at work tells you something in confidence, it's still your job to share the information if warranted.
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
Philadelphia Police Cuts May Eliminate Two Academy Classes

The department's sworn force peaked in 2001 at 6,900 officers. Since then, it has fallen to the current 6,600 and is expected to reach 6,400 in the next...
Categories: Training & Careers
America's Maritime Cops

For more than two centuries, the U.S. Coast Guard has served diligently every day as America's leading maritime law enforcement agency.
Categories: Training & Careers, Weapons
The Next Generation Firing Range

Created using Meggitt Training Systems’ products and design assistance, the Suwanee (Ga.) PD training center is complete with a four-lane indoor...
Categories: Training & Careers
Police Career Training Courses's Police Career Development Center offers affordable career training courses for tomorrow's police leaders. If you are looking to...
Categories: Training & Careers
Training in Active Shooter Response Gear

Active shooter response gear is heavy and can change the way you perform, so you need to know how to compensate.
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Fatal Errors: Surviving Arrest and Control

In the Southwestern U.S., a patrolman with about a year on the job was shot twice in the back of the head while transporting two robbery suspects in the...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Number of Memphis PD Officers Out Sick Falls to 499

The number of Memphis police officers out on sick leave continues to decline. The number fell to 499 Thursday afternoon, down from a high of 557 on Tuesday.
Categories: Training & Careers, Weapons
Daniel Defense to Offer AR Armorer's Course at SHOT Show 2017

Topics covered in this 90-minute course will include how to conduct a buttstock conversion, replace a fire control group, replace a barrel assembly, upgrade...
Categories: Training & Careers
DC Officer Training Now Includes African-American History

The department is partnering with the University of the District of Columbia Community College as well as the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African...
Categories: Training & Careers
Reserve Officer To Direct 'Police Academy' Movie

New Line Cinema has picked a reserve police officer to direct a new "Police Academy" and reboot the popular 1980s spoofs about a ragtag group of recruits...
Categories: Training & Careers
Four Safer Strikes

There are arguments for and against law enforcement officers using closed-hand punches. It can be better to avoid hitting a suspect with your bare knuckles...
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Training & Careers
Officer Safety Training Tip: Using Push Kicks

Video #2: Using Push Kicks. POLICE Magazine has teamed up with The MMA Lab in Glendale, Ariz., to offer a series of training videos demonstrating defensive...
Categories: Command, Patrol, Special Units, Training & Careers
Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Sworn in as Oregon Police Officer

When gunfire erupted at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Festival in Las Vegas last October, Lauren Card fled from the sounds of the guns. Now, she has...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Odd Objects

You can develop a great deal of strength in the weight room, but traditional barbell lifts won't help you to perform a real-life tasks on the job like...
Categories: Patrol, Procedures & Policies, Training & Careers
Developing Training Acronyms

One of the best ways to train law enforcement officers in a classroom setting is to chunk up material into quickly memorized bites. You can also...
Categories: Special Units, Training & Careers
Taking the Bite

I would later reflect on the odd incongruity of the K-9's toenails gently striking the tiles in the Junior High that we had just cleared. They were so...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Playing the Odds

Sometimes it takes a smack in the face or some other bad event to remind us of the great risks we take and make us appreciate surviving.
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Technology, Training & Careers, Vehicle Ops, Weapons
Video: Critically Wounded Calif. K-9 Expected to Survive

An Anaheim, Calif., police dog that was shot in the face Thursday while chasing probation suspects was able to eat under his own power for the first time...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Two-and-a-Half Shapes to Counter Any Attack

When defending yourself, you should also be on the offensive. To do this successfully, all you need are two-and-a-half shapes to counter any attack. You...
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
Video: LAPD Launches Paid Training Program for High School Grads

Through the Pledge to Patrol program – also known as the Associate Community Officer Program or A-COP – more than two dozen high school graduates will be...
Categories: Command, Investigations, Technology, Training & Careers
Virginia Trooper Applicants Must Allow Social Media Review

The Virginia State Police now require potential troopers to provide their social media accounts for review during an extensive background screening process....
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Technology, Training & Careers, Vehicle Ops, Weapons
Mass. Officer Helps Rescue Man from Burning House

Farrington and Deputy Fire Chief John McGinnis ran into the home and carried the man down a flight of stairs and outside. Read Full Story Here.
Categories: Training & Careers

Meggitt Training Systems' new SafeZone fully interchangeable shooting stalls offer customization to create clear stalls, solid stalls, or a mixture of both.
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
Police and PTSD

As time went by, not only was PTSD diagnosed of war veterans, but of others who'd suffered some damage to their psyche as the result of being...
Categories: Training & Careers
Video: Obama Honors 2013 Top Cops

President Obama celebrated more than 40 stand-out law enforcement officers Saturday during a White House ceremony. The group included a Sikh Temple shooting...
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Technology, Training & Careers, Vehicle Ops, Weapons
Ill. Officer Investigated for Playing Computer Poker While Driving

A Bolingbrook, Ill., officer is being investigated by the department after video surfaced this week reportedly showing the officer playing video poker while...
Categories: Command, Procedures & Policies, Training & Careers
25 Ways to Make Police Training More Effective

Because police training is in the news we thought it was a good time to ask veteran officers and trainers how they would improve law enforcement training...
Categories: Training & Careers, Weapons
SA XD Mod.2 Sub-Compact Replica

The new Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 Sub-Compact training pistol replica from Ring's Manufacturing is molded from solid blue polyurethane to differentiate it...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Cuffing with Useful Force

Tragically, the lives of many officers have been lost at the hands of suspects who attacked without warning as the officer attempted to apply handcuffs....
Categories: Training & Careers, Weapons
Drawing from Non-Duty Holsters

In law enforcement training we tend to focus only on how to draw a full-size service pistol from a duty holster. Let's look at some preferred techniques...
Categories: Special Units, Training & Careers
Surviving as a Hostage

As police officers (and especially if you work corrections) in the United States or Canada, you have to ask this question: What would you do if you were...
Categories: Training & Careers
How to Get the Most Out of Continuing Education

The successful pursuit of a degree requires you to know what you want and to dedicate the resources in time, money, and effort to achieve your goals.
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Point of Law, Special Units, Training & Careers
Reduce Negative Impact of Miranda

Has Miranda v. Arizona adversely affected criminal justice and public safety? Miranda has resulted in the inability to clear a...
Categories: Command, Patrol, Training & Careers
Lead Your Way to a Successful Department

Effective leadership can inspire employees to become invested in your agency, ensuring organizational success.
Categories: Command, Patrol, Point of Law, Technology, Training & Careers
The State of American Law Enforcement - A Love-Hate Relationship

"My brother told me, 'If you want everyone to love you, join the fire department. If you want half the people to love you but half the people to hate...
Categories: Command, Procedures & Policies, Training & Careers
Oakland Chief Announces Medical Retirement

Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan has stepped down from the department for medical reasons, he wrote in a letter to the force Thursday. Jordan, a longtime...
Categories: Procedures & Policies, Training & Careers
Crisis Prevention Training Mandated for All MN Officers

Minnesota law enforcement will now be mandated to take a minimum amount of crisis prevention training. It is part of a new law passed in the legislature and...
Categories: Training & Careers

FirstForward is a free online training network for first responders with access to more than 650 courses, including hundreds of free courses.
Categories: Training & Careers
Indoor and Outdoor Shooting Range Acoustics Solutions

You can protect LEOs' hearing with Troy Acoustics Corporation's state-of-the-art acoustics solutions.
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Technology, Training & Careers, Vehicle Ops, Weapons
Calif. State Senator, Gun Control Advocate Busted for Arms Trafficking

Yee discussed helping an undercover agent get weapons worth $500,000 to $2.5 million, including shoulder-fired automatic weapons and missiles, and took him...
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Training & Careers
Blue Ink: Police Tattoos

Tattoos have become very popular in the law enforcement and military communities. Officers who get inked often choose a tattoo of something that has great...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Act As If..You're the Best Possible Officer

If Wiseman is right we don't all need to get certified as safety experts, we need to act certified. If every time you made a traffic stop you acted like...
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
Seattle's Interim Chief Leaves Department

The Seattle Police Department's interim police chief said Monday he will leave his post in May, citing a DOJ settlement agreement and monitoring plan as one...

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