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Categories: Maintenance
Tire Comparator can help increase fuel economy, cut costs

The Tire Comparator provides an easy method of ensuring mated tires are within tolerance.
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Special Needs Transportation, Safety, Maintenance, Management
Compressed Natural Gas Engine Oil

BRAD PENN Compressed Natural Gas Engine Oil is a multi-viscosity lubricant specifically designed for use in compressed natural gas-fueled vehicles.
Categories: Maintenance
SureStart Low Voltage Disconnect Switch

The SureStart Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) Switch 48513 and the LVD Switch 48510 sense battery voltage and conserve starting power by disconnecting...
Categories: Maintenance
Hammerhead Impactools

With a head height of less than 2 inches, 180 ft.-lb. of maximum torque and 7,100 rpm of speed, the 2015MAX and 2025MAX Hammerhead low-profile Impactools...
Categories: Special Needs Transportation, Safety, Maintenance
Portable Child Restraint

HSM Transportation Solutions’ C.E. White Portable Child Restraint for school buses, a five-point restraint system, is designed to accommodate...
Categories: Maintenance
Wheel service lift

The LoRiser1 wheel service lift is designed to make wheel removal for tire and brake work on heavy duty vehicles fast, easy and safe, company officials said.
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Maintenance, Management
Multi-Max 1000 Controller

The Multi-Max 1000 controller for Espar’s E-Guardian Series of bus heaters features a manual, one-button on/off control so the driver can activate the...
Categories: Maintenance, Alternative Fuels
Datalink Adapter

INLINE 7, a wired and wireless datalink adapter, offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity while also providing traditional wired functionality...
Categories: Maintenance
Value Kit

The new Value Kit from Oil Analyzers focuses on four key areas of testing: oil thickness, corrosion potential, wear metals and beneficial oil additives.
Categories: Maintenance, Management
Vibration sensor

The Vehicle Inertia Monitor (VIM) is a new dual mode advanced J1939 CAN-bus vibration analyzer and vehicle attitude sensor for heavy duty vehicle...
Categories: Maintenance
Mach 4 Plus mobile runway system

The Mach 4 Plus is a mobile runway system for the Mach 4 Mobile Column Lift.
Categories: Safety, Maintenance, Management
DVR features 13 channels, high recording ability

Seon Design Inc.’s Explorer DX-HD mobile digital video recorder (DVR) can record at 30 frames per second simultaneously on all 13 channels, according to the...
Categories: Maintenance
Essentials Series systems

GlasWeld’s Essentials Series systems contain all the equipment a technician needs to perform windshield repair, headlight restoration or glass scratch...
Categories: Maintenance
Dipstick adapter repair kit

Strictly Diesel offers a repair kit that can address dipstick adapter leaks on International T444E engines, according to the company.
Categories: Maintenance
Portable Magnetometer

The FerroCheck 2000 series of portable magnetometers is designed to quickly and conveniently measure total ferrous wear particulates in lubricating...
Categories: Maintenance
Emergency Fuel Transfer and Filtration Unit

The Emergency Fuel Transfer and Filtration Unit is portable and includes an FP 700 fuel purifier with an 8 GPM flow rate.
Categories: Maintenance, Alternative Fuels, Management
Navigation Device

The TomTom Bridge with GPSi software is designed to help streamline routing, scheduling vehicle maintenance, and other tasks.
Categories: Maintenance
Coolant heater solution

Proheat X45 Plus is a diesel-powered engine pre-heating solution for quick and reliable cold weather starts, company officials said.
Categories: Maintenance, Alternative Fuels
Corrosion Inhibitor Spray

The EcoAir VpCI-337 Fogger is designed to provide corrosion protection in a spray can.
Categories: Safety, Maintenance
Inground Lift Adapter Kits

Two new adapter kits, tailored for Stertil-Koni’s inground scissor and piston lifts, can offer more efficient lifting by engaging the front and...
Categories: Safety, Maintenance, Alternative Fuels
Timer Switch

The 5600 Timer Box is designed to provide flexible, efficient switching of LED lights in a compact unit.
Categories: Safety, Maintenance
First Aid Kit

The Lawson Class A ANSI Certified First Aid Kit now comes with scissors, an update designed to meet the new ANSI standard that went into effect on June...
Categories: Maintenance
Cummins engine app

Cummins has released an Android version of its free QuickServe Online (QSOL) mobile app.
Categories: Maintenance
Oil Eater Cleaner-Degreaser

Oil Eater Cleaner-Degreaser is an eco-friendly cleaning formula for maintenance facility floors.
Categories: Maintenance
Tire pressure management system

The On Board Tire Inflation System is designed to maintain tire pressure through a control unit and network of air lines, resulting in significant fuel...
Categories: Maintenance

K.E.I. Products manufactures J-180 and pad-mount alternators specifically designed for high output, company officials said.
Categories: Maintenance
High lift wheel dolly

The latest version of Stertil-Koni’s high lift wheel dolly is stronger, taller and has a lifting capacity of up to 1,000 lbs., company officials said.
Categories: Maintenance
Vehicle lift

The MOD35 modular heavy-duty in-ground lift series’ features that are designed to fight corrosion include nitriding, electrocoating and zinc/aluminum coating.
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Maintenance
IW-4 evaporator

The IW-4 is an in-wall evaporator designed to fit within the forward bulkhead of the Thomas Built Buses Saf-T-Liner C2 school bus.
Categories: Maintenance
Tire pressure management system

The PressurePro PULSE display provides real-time monitoring, two low-pressure alerts, a high-pressure alert and high-temperature alert, as well as an easy...
Categories: Maintenance, Alternative Fuels
Scan Tool

TPX Power Source has launched an all-in-one diagnostic scan tool dedicated to school buses.
Categories: Maintenance

Ritron callboxes are designed to provide instant, wireless, two-way communication from any fixed location inside or outside to radio-equipped personnel...
Categories: Maintenance
Drawer handle cover

Lista’s new aluminum anodized drawer handle cover for the Lista toolbox features an anodized finish that stands up to harsh environments and applications...
Categories: Maintenance, Management
Engine Service App

The Guidanz app enables customers to read prioritized engine fault codes and other key engine information wherever they are operating.
Categories: Maintenance
SolarPulse SP-24-6

PulseTech Products Corp.’s SolarPulse SP-24-6 is a military-tested solar panel system solution to charge and maintain vehicles and equipment left outdoors...
Categories: Maintenance
AR18 four-post alignment lift

Rotary Lift’s new AR18 four-post alignment lift easily adapts to meet the needs of independent repair shops and mixed fleets, among others, officials said.
Categories: Maintenance
Pry Bar Set

The new 8203L Long-Handled Three-Piece Pry Bar Set includes pry bars in multiple lengths to provide technicians with the best fit for their everyday to...
Categories: Maintenance
Silicone Spray

AMSOIL Silicone Spray lubricates and protects nonmetal surfaces with a dry lubricating film, making it ideal for applications that may be damaged by...
Categories: Maintenance

3M Medium Capacity Sorbents clean lower-volume spills and contain everyday drips and leaks, company officials said.
Categories: Maintenance, Alternative Fuels
Fuel-Saving App

The ThermoCall app now offers drivers the convenience of preheating their engine from a mobile phone, which can reduce idling and extend engine life,...
Categories: Maintenance
Wheel Nut Inspection Tool

Wheel-Check is designed to identify loose wheel nuts with a visual inspection.
Categories: Maintenance
Misting Reduction Seal

Gabriel’s improved misting reduction seal for its heavy-duty shock products is designed to extend service life and reduce overall downtime for...
Categories: Maintenance, Alternative Fuels
Remote-Controlled Mobile Column Vehicle Lift

The MCHF14 FLEX, with a rated lifting capacity of 14,000 pounds, is available in configurations of two, four, six, or eight columns, providing a lifting...
Categories: Maintenance

Trans/Air’s new Driver Air Diverter is designed to ensure the comfort of the driver and can be added as an option to the supplier’s front flush mounted FM55...
Categories: Maintenance
Diesel Carrytanks

JohnDow Industries’ new line of Diesel Carrytanks are available in 58- and 106-gallon capacities and are designed to transport and transfer diesel...
Categories: Maintenance
Mobile Climate Control

Mobile Climate Control has developed a compressor mount system that is designed to make belt maintenance easier and to cut down on life cycle cost.
Categories: Maintenance
RCH4 Mobile Column Lift

The RCH4 is sold in sets of four, six or eight battery-operated columns. Each column has a rated capacity of 18,000 lbs., for total lifting capacity of up...
Categories: Maintenance

Oil Eater Original Cleaner & Degreaser is uniquely formulated to quickly and safely dissolve grease, oil and grime on concrete maintenance shop floors,...
Categories: Maintenance

IPA's 14-inch Large MANTUS tight access tool features a slim, low-profile design that surpasses the reach of the industry's longest available needle nose...
Categories: Maintenance
Bar's Leaks Heavy Duty Radiator Stop Leak

Bar’s Leaks Heavy Duty Radiator Stop Leak is designed to solve most common cooling system problems, sealing internal, external and coolant-to-oil leaks in...

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