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Categories: Safety, Management
Multi-Protocol, Portable Radios

JVCKenwood’s NX-1200 and NX-1300 portable radios operate in two digital protocols — NXDN and DMR — and analog, enabling multi-protocol...
Categories: Bus

INIT’s new MOBILE-ECO2 addresses two main requirements facing today’s public transit environment: state of good...
Categories: Management
Driver Location, Behavior App

Fleetio Drive uses the built-in sensors in drivers’ smartphones to track trip distance, location, and the duration of driving events such as phone...
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Management
ClockPoint Kiosk software

ClockPoint Kiosk software can be used on any PC, notebook or netbook running Windows XP or Vista.
Categories: Safety
Surround Camera Systems

The new Safe T-Scope surround camera systems are designed to maximize coverage around school buses.
Categories: Maintenance
EFX90 heavy-duty inground scissor lift

The EFX90 modular inground lift incorporates three heavy-duty scissor sections to lift vehicles weighing up to 90,000 lbs., including articulated buses.
Categories: Accessibility, Bus
Quantum automatic rear-facing wheelchair securement station

Q'Straint’s Quantum automatic rear-facing wheelchair securement station is designed to international standards, built with transportation...
Categories: Maintenance
Shell Rotella Ultra ELC coolant

Shell Rotella Ultra ELC coolant can be used in diesel, gasoline and natural gas-powered engines, and it reduces cooling system maintenance. It also protects...
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Special Needs Transportation, Safety, Management
People Module

Fleetio has added to its fleet management software functionality that allows users to keep up with employee information and activities within the fleet.
Categories: Safety
Animal Signs

The Route ChangerXL Slide-In Sign Combination Sign assists in transporting young passengers. Coordinating Animal Sign products easily slide in and out of...
Categories: Safety
LightForm Emergency Egress Lighting Film

Grote Industries' new LightForm Emergency Egress Lighting Film provides all of the advantages of adhesive exit markers with the added benefit of being...
Categories: Accessibility, Motorcoach, Bus, Government Issues
Passenger Access Ramp

Ricon's unique, passenger-access ramp for transit buses, the Ricon FoldOver Ramp, features an nnovative design, which automatically levels the ramp...
Categories: Maintenance
Battery grip device

The K-1320 Battery Grip features textured grippers that clamp onto batteries with a powerful, controlled squeeze, according to the company.
Categories: Maintenance
Cummins engine app

Cummins has released an Android version of its free QuickServe Online (QSOL) mobile app.
Categories: Special Needs Transportation
Access & Mobility: A Guide for Transporting Students with Disabilities in California

The 2nd Edition of Access & Mobility: A Guide for Transporting Students with Disabilities in California provides best practices for pupil...
Categories: Safety
Network Radio

The new PortaMobile Network Radio can operate without an outside antenna on the bus, and installation involves only five self-tapping screws.
Categories: Motorcoach
Three-point Belt Seat

Premier, a 3-point belted seat, features Safe Guard SmartFrame technology that protects both belted and unbelted passengers, providing improved safety for...
Categories: Safety, Maintenance
Driver Message Sign

The Driver Alert Message Sign is designed to help reduce illegal passing of school buses by improving direct line of sight visibility for oncoming...
Vehicle Modesty Panel

Bentech's AFB-series of modesty panels are designed to reduce or eliminate open pinch points in the doorways of buses and railcars.
Categories: Bus
Oil Eater Professional Brake Washer

The new air-powered Oil Eater professional brake washer allows users to clean brake parts without using electricity.
Categories: Maintenance
Light mast

The five stage telescoping steel light mast with electric winch is designed to quickly and safely deploy 1,600 watts of intense LED lighting in locations...
Categories: Technology, Rail, Accessibility, Bus, Management & Operations, Security and Safety , Shuttle
New MIMO antenna for transit

STI-CO Industries announces the new WavStreamer.
Categories: Bus, Government Issues
LF transport with flexbus technology

The Champion LF Transport with Flexbus technologies is equipped with an electronically controlled air-ride suspension system, Equalizer Ramp,...
Categories: Motorcoach
Skirt mount condensers

American Cooling Technology’s new family of skirt mount condensers — CS-2, CS-32 and CS-3 — provide a universal mounting pattern, which allows the AC...
Categories: Rail, Motorcoach, Bus

To reduce and eliminate lime-scale buildup, Sioux Corp. is introducing the Sioux Descaler, a biodegradable liquid available in five-gallon jugs and...
Categories: Management
Fleet Management Software

The DriverConnect platform from Rand McNally allows fleet managers to monitor vehicles using real-time performance and safety reporting.
Categories: Safety, Maintenance
Stability Technology

The Bendix ESP System is an antilock braking system (ABS)-based stability technology that uses a series of sensors designed to continuously monitor...
Categories: Accessibility, Motorcoach, Bus
Telematics system

Prevost Liaison 2.0 offers more reliable communications, efficient data transfer, advanced features and an easier to use interface. The system now uses a...
Categories: Security and Safety

AbiliTrax is a common platform that integrates quick disconnect Step N Lock/Camlock seating with several different wheelchair tiedown options,...
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Special Needs Transportation, Safety, Management
Azuga G2 GPS Fleet Tracking System

Azuga G2 reads the vehicle’s engine data every second and delivers emissions idling reports 60 times more often than traditional GPS systems, officials for...
Categories: Maintenance, Alternative Fuels
Lubricant Analysis Systems

The new MicroLab Series all-in-one, automated lubricant analysis systems offer the ability to perform oil analysis on location.
Windshield repair kit

The Scratch Magic Glass Repair Kit is designed to remove pits and scratches that can refract light and impair a driver's vision.
Categories: Maintenance

Oil Eater Original Cleaner & Degreaser is uniquely formulated to quickly and safely dissolve grease, oil and grime on concrete maintenance shop floors,...
Categories: Motorcoach, Bus
Wash bay parallelogram lift

Rotary Lift updated its parallelogram wash bay lift package to maximize bay space and product life. The new lift with wash bay kit is third-party tested by...
Categories: Vehicles
2010 Lexus HS 250h Hybrid

The 2010 Lexus HS 250h hybrid sedan will debut from Toyota's luxury brand in August to compete with BMW's 3 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.
Categories: Motorcoach, Bus
Road speed limiter

The Speed Sentinel II lets you set a maximum vehicle speed. Lower speeds equal lower fuel costs and the reduced chance of an accident.
Categories: Maintenance

Zep 45 DualForce, a long-lasting, dual-action penetrant and lubricant, features the newest anti-wear and rust-prevention technology, offering excellent...
Categories: Maintenance
KAR 250/350 Heavy Duty Scissor Lift

The KAR 250/350 Heavy Duty Scissor Lift can accommodate vehicles weighing up to 118,000 pounds. Designed as a vertical lift with scissors located at the end...
Categories: Maintenance
SafetyTrax AVL tire pressure integration

Doran’s tire pressure monitoring system and Safety Vision’s SafetyTrax AVL have been integrated to create a web-based software application that provides...
Categories: Management
Public Safety Vests

American Safety Vest’s five-point, breakaway public safety vests are available in fluorescent orange and lime green to improve the visibility of the wearer.
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Safety, Maintenance, Management
Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant Tough Tablet

The Vehicle Diagnostic Assistant Tough Tablet from Diagnostic Innovations is a complete diagnostic system featuring the rugged Panasonic Toughpad tablet.
Categories: Sustainability, Security and Safety
Backup Camera System

This new five-inch digital wireless backup camera system installs in minutes and is waterproof.
Categories: Maintenance
FlexMod Voltage Sensing Relay and Timer

When a vehicle such as a school bus is left idling with onboard loads, a battery deficit can arise. The FlexMod Voltage Sensing Relay and Timer conserves...
Categories: Safety
HD Video Surveillance System

The Vulcan Series in-vehicle surveillance systems and Pro8 Central Management System software offer high-definition (HD) video of up to 1080p and up to 4...
Categories: Maintenance
SoSafe solutions

SoSafe Yellow and Green Graffiti Removers are effective and safe to use by neutralizing with water.
Categories: Management
vMax Live

vMax Live provides access to real-time vehicle information through a Web-based system that fleet managers can access anywhere.
Categories: Bus
Hybrid Beltless Alternator

Vanner's 600V-24V DC-DC Converter, a Hybrid Beltless Alternator (HBA), provides "Smart Electricification" for Allison Transmission's H 40 EP and H 50 EP...
Categories: Bus
Split flip seats in gemini

The SplitFlip in Gemini ultra-lightweight provides optimal versatility for bus seating configurations.
Categories: Bus, Government Issues
Battery-electric bus

Proterra showcased the second-generation of its battery-electric bus on the show floor.

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