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Categories: Safety
Mirror, Backup Camera System

The new MOR-Vision convex series is engineered to improve the safety of reverse operations by providing a wider field of view, according to Rosco Vision...
Categories: Safety
Training program for downed power line practices

“Safe Practices for Downed Power Lines,” a new training program, instructs school bus drivers and students on what to do if power lines fall on their bus.
Categories: Safety
BUS-WATCH system and Velvac’s Vision systems integration

Radio Engineering Industries Inc. (REI) and Velvac Inc.’s integrated solution enables users to record more viewing angles around a vehicle. It combines...
Categories: Safety, Maintenance
2-Camera System

The DS2 is a two-camera vehicle event recording system that combines high-definition video recording, fleet telematics, and vehicle operating data on one...
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Special Needs Transportation, Safety, Maintenance, Alternative Fuels, Management
STERI-FAB Disinfecting Solution

STERI-FAB is an EPA-registered product that kills bedbugs, lice, ticks and many other insects, as well as mold, mildew and bacteria, while also disinfecting...
Categories: Safety
Eye-Max LP Cross View Mirror System

The Eye-Max LP Cross View Mirror System greatly improves upon the performance of the Rosco HawkEye and Mini-HawkEye cross-view mirrors, according to the...
Categories: Safety, Maintenance
Driver Message Sign

The Driver Alert Message Sign is designed to help reduce illegal passing of school buses by improving direct line of sight visibility for oncoming...
Categories: Special Needs Transportation, Safety, Maintenance
Winch System for Wheelchairs

Easypull is a fully integrated winch system that pulls a wheelchair and passenger into a vehicle up a ramp.
Categories: Safety
9500AL UltraLED Stop Arm Lamp

The 9500AL UltraLED Stop Arm Lamp replaces the incandescent double-contact bulb found on most school bus stop arms, fitting into the existing socket.
Categories: Safety

Seon's Trooper TL-HD is a compact, full-featured DVR offering high-definition recording of four analog and one high-definition camera views at 30 frames per...
Categories: Safety, Management
Multi-Protocol, Portable Radios

JVCKenwood’s NX-1200 and NX-1300 portable radios operate in two digital protocols — NXDN and DMR — and analog, enabling multi-protocol...
Categories: Safety
Bus Stop Arm Retrofit LED Upgrade Kit

SoundOff Signal's Bus Stop Arm Retrofit LED Upgrade Kit is designed to help decrease illegal bus passing incidents and increase the visibility of the stop arm.
Categories: Safety, Management
Obstacle detection system

MobileTRAQ Vue now includes the SenseStat Obstacle Detection Backing Sensor System.
Categories: Safety
All purpose cleaner

Oil Eater’s foaming aerosol All Purpose Cleaner is pH-neutral, non-toxic, biodegradable and will not harm the skin, company officials said.
Categories: Safety, Management
Book on school bus safety

Go Where the Bus Goes, a new children’s book written by Lorraine Fletcher, a longtime school bus driver in Kentucky, addresses school bus safety.
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Safety, Maintenance, Management
School bus seat covers

Manufactured to meet national standards and all FMVSS safety requirements for school bus seating, TRP’s new line of seat covers fit all major applications,...
Categories: Safety
LED 90mm Low-Beam Headlamp

The LED 90mm Low-Beam Headlamp for school buses provides a uniform, direct beam of light for safety and visibility and minimizes light loss.
Categories: Safety
Pebble Tread

Koroseal’s Pebble Tread has a non-directional raised pattern that provides an aggressive traction surface and still allows for ease of sweeping.
Categories: Safety
Night Vision Camera System

Pro-Vision Video Systems’ 1080p HD Mini-Dome Night Vision Camera offers a 175-degree field-of-view that captures high-definition footage.
Categories: Safety
Stop-Arm Camera System

The integrated stop-arm camera system from Pro-Vision Video Systems can automatically capture video evidence of vehicles that illegally pass stopped...
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Special Needs Transportation, Safety, Maintenance, Alternative Fuels, Management
Oil Eater Original Cleaner/Degreaser

Oil Eater is a water-based, high-powered cleaner that is biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-flammable.
Categories: Safety
Vehicle lift

The ST 1065 mobile column lift is engineered for safely raising industrial, off-road vehicles with large wheel diameters.
Categories: Safety, Maintenance, Alternative Fuels
Timer Switch

The 5600 Timer Box is designed to provide flexible, efficient switching of LED lights in a compact unit.
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Special Needs Transportation, Safety, Maintenance, Management
Compressed Natural Gas Engine Oil

BRAD PENN Compressed Natural Gas Engine Oil is a multi-viscosity lubricant specifically designed for use in compressed natural gas-fueled vehicles.
Categories: Safety, Maintenance, Management
DVR features 13 channels, high recording ability

Seon Design Inc.’s Explorer DX-HD mobile digital video recorder (DVR) can record at 30 frames per second simultaneously on all 13 channels, according to the...
Categories: Safety, Maintenance
First Aid Kit

The Lawson Class A ANSI Certified First Aid Kit now comes with scissors, an update designed to meet the new ANSI standard that went into effect on June...
Categories: Safety
HD Video Surveillance System

The Vulcan Series in-vehicle surveillance systems and Pro8 Central Management System software offer high-definition (HD) video of up to 1080p and up to 4...
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Special Needs Transportation, Safety, Management
Fleetio Import Feature

Fleetio’s new import feature allows customers to upload unlimited vehicle details, fuel records, service history, employee profiles and more to their...
Categories: Safety
Body Fluid Spill Kit

The new, single-use Eco-Friendly Body Fluid Spill Kit, which is 85% decomposable, is designed to be completely disposable, helping to eliminate the...
Categories: Safety, Management
Driver Behavior Monitoring Feature

Driver Behavior, the newest feature in online surveillance manager MotoTrax, is designed to help fleet managers instantly identify their riskiest drivers...
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Special Needs Transportation, Safety, Management
SafeDrive MiniDVR

Safety Vision's SafeDrive MiniDVR boasts a road-view camera and a cabin-view camera. The DVR records video, audio and metadata to a CompactFlash card.
Categories: Safety, Maintenance
LED Lens Heating System

The Maxxheat series of LED headlamps and stop, tail, and turn lights feature a microprocessor that automatically initiates the lens heating system when...
Categories: Safety, Management
Dashcam System

The NexTraq Dashcam can provide downloadable videos, real-time alerts, and live GPS location services for use in a variety of applications, including...
Categories: Special Needs Transportation, Safety
Solution Designed to Protect Wheelchair Riders in Rear-End Collisions

A combination of wheelchair and occupant restraints and a headrest and backrest is designed to stabilize passengers in the event of a rear-end collision.
Categories: Safety
Mobile Digital Video Recorder

Features of Speco’s mobile, four-channel, H.264, pentaplex digital video recorder include GPS data that can overlay location, speed and record with video...
Categories: Safety
Stop-arm package

REI’s comprehensive stop-arm package deters and monitors stop-arm violators, company officials said.
Categories: Safety
Skirt-mount condensers

With American Cooling Technology’s new family of skirt-mount condensers – the universal-mount CS-2 (pictured), CS-32 and CS-3 – the a/c installer can select...
Categories: Safety

Curb-It is a three-bollard vehicle barrier. The one-piece structure bolts onto the face of a curb and stops vehicles weighing up to 5,000 lbs.
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Special Needs Transportation, Safety, Maintenance, Alternative Fuels, Management
Waste/Recycle Cabinet

Shure's waste/recycle cabinet comes with a plastic receptacle for waste or recyclable materials. The cabinet comes in three models.
Categories: Safety
Seating Restraint

The SafeGuard SuperSTAR portable restraint, designed to secure preschoolers on school buses, is engineered with the added safety of car-seat technology.
Categories: Safety, Management
Flush Mounting Bracket

A new flush mounting bracket from Pro-Vision Systems is designed to allow bus cameras to be mounted recessed into the bulkhead of a school bus or a...
Categories: Safety
Argonaut Tire Traction Runners

Argonaut Tire Traction Runners help drivers accelerate their vehicles out of snow.
Categories: Special Needs Transportation, Safety, Maintenance
Portable Child Restraint

HSM Transportation Solutions’ C.E. White Portable Child Restraint for school buses, a five-point restraint system, is designed to accommodate...
Categories: School Bus Contractors, Special Needs Transportation, Safety, Management
RoadRecorder video surveillance line

The RoadRecorder series offers high-definition recording and utilizes both hard disk drive and solid-state recording to create redundant data storage,...
Categories: Safety
Explorer MX4 DVR

The Explorer MX4 is a four-channel digital video recorder (DVR) that features dual technology that allows for recording of two information streams — one for...
Categories: Safety
Hybrid DVR

The TH8 hybrid DVR, a new addition to Seon’s TH Series hybrid high-definition (HD) video surveillance line, can provide full coverage inside and...
Categories: Safety, Maintenance
Stability Technology

The Bendix ESP System is an antilock braking system (ABS)-based stability technology that uses a series of sensors designed to continuously monitor...
Categories: Safety, Maintenance
SOS Alert Device

The Mobile Defender – Model S is a small device that employers can give to employees to use as a panic button during their shifts.
Categories: Safety, Maintenance, Management
Plug and Play Telematics Device

Designed to be shared among any type of vehicle and operated by multiple drivers, SPARC uses Internet of Things technology and streams precise location,...
Categories: Safety
Backup Alarm

The Backeye 360 can help eliminate blind spots by providing a real-time surround view of the vehicle in a single image.

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