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Categories: Weapons
Concealed Carry

Two students were killed, 13 injured. But it could have been much worse if Clark had not been on the scene and armed.
Categories: Patrol
Code 7

Of course, you don't have to work the late shift or even work the streets for a cop's lifestyle and eating habits to add up to obesity, high blood ...
Categories: Patrol
Make A Chance

“Making a chance,” simply means you must create an opportunity to either control your opponent or to escape his or her attack.
Categories: Special Units, Technology
The Fifth Element

Welcome to the new battleground. Called "fifth-dimensional battlespace," it takes the old three-dimensional battlefield (the spatial dimensions of...
Categories: Special Units
Field Dressing

The reality of the contemporary police special ops team is very different than the image of LAPD SWAT that was burned into America's collective...
Categories: Patrol
Don't You Have Better Things to Do?

Police work is not intended to generate revenue. This happens because the command staff allows it to happen and they, in turn, sell out their police...
Categories: Patrol
Scarce Ammo and Surprising Shots

None of the politicos knew until it was over that many of the officers only had one bullet each, and many of them had no ammunition at all.
Categories: Patrol, Special Units
Shock Absorbers

If you are shot while wearing body armor, you will still feel the energy of the bullet's impact. But if the armor works, the force will be spread out...
Categories: Weapons
Hidden Threats

As police officers on the streets of our cities, you face potentially deadly disguised and hidden weapons every single day.
Categories: Patrol, Point of Law, Weapons
Improving the Odds

For some reason, most officers have a vision of a gunfight as being one shooter against another. The reality of such incidents is much different and even...

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