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Categories: Maintenance
Gasoline: A Designer Product for the Whole World

Gasoline, the fuel that provides combustion for the vast majority of road vehicles, is a widely taken for granted. More than simply flammable liquid, the...
Categories: Maintenance
Servicing 4WD and AWD Systems

The popularity of four wheel drive (4WD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicles continues to increase. Although 4WD has been around for many years it has become...
Categories: Maintenance
Tips From Techs

Our 6th annual advice column written by technicians working on the front lines.
Categories: Maintenance
Autonomous Vehicles: They’re Coming, and We Should Embrace Them

When I was a kid and obtained my first driving license, I realized that it was my responsibility to learn to operate a vehicle. The thought of punching in a...
Categories: Maintenance
Multi-Rib V-Belt Systems

Only bad things happen when a serpentine belt, now known as a multi-rib V-belt system, breaks under the hood of a customer’s car. Paying close...
Categories: Maintenance
Safety Dictates Changing Headlamps in Pairs

Just as it makes sense to replace both tires on the same axle or to replace both lower ball joints at the same time instead of simply replacing one worn...
Categories: Maintenance
Shop Equipment: Lifts, Tools and Accessories

Outfitting your shop with all of the tools and equipment necessary to address current and future service requirements is a never-ending task, as vehicle...
Categories: Maintenance
Emergency Ignored?

It should be standard practice to perform an overall inspection of every customer’s vehicle when it enters the shop, regardless of what specific...
Categories: Maintenance
Chrysler EVAP Performance Codes

Of all the OBD II Diagnostic Trouble Codes, the EVAP codes can cause you the most trouble. A faulty evaporative emission control system almost never affects...
Categories: Maintenance
Servicing Suspension Struts Requires Attention to Detail

When a customer comes in and says the car is not riding “right” or there’s a clunking sound from underneath, it’s important to do a...

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