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Categories: Operations
Top Work Truck News for the Week of 12.3.21

This episode of Truck Chat dives into the Advanced Clean Truck Rule, last-mile delivery, augmented reality, renewable fuels, and much more!
Categories: Operations
Past Trends Shape the Future of Work Truck Fleets

A pandemic has complicated the already challenging job of managing a vocational fleet, but changing tech and industry innovation are shaping a positive future.
Categories: Operations
Cutting a Path through Fleet

Learn about the world of chainsaw racing, power wagons, and what makes the trucking industry special in this Faces of Fleet episode from Truck Chat.
Categories: Operations
Reimagining Connected Vehicles

Founder of Bleat, Mysty Langford, joins this episode of Faces of Fleet to discuss her childhood growing up in trucking, her experience as a hitchhiker, and...
Categories: Operations
Top Work Truck News for the Week of 11.05.21

The Wheels-Donlen merger, COVID-19 updates and mandates, Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp new EV Van, and the 2022 Fleet Forward Conference are the focus of...
Categories: Operations
Trends in Truck Purchasing

Hear about the latest truck purchasing trends including why there's an influx of women in fleet, the Isuzu Winner's Circle, and advice for women joining the...
Categories: Operations
Top Work Truck News for the Week of 10.25.21

Work Truck Executive Editor, Lauren Fletcher, discusses recent news, including the growing driver shortage and retention issues, the Proterra and Komatsu...
Categories: Operations
Top Work Truck News for the Week of 10.16.21

Hear about the latest Work Truck news about the Ford Lightning, RAM TRX 1500, SEA Electric, and more in this episode of Truck Chat.
Categories: Operations
Electrification & Uptime in Vocational Fleets

In this episode of Truck Chat, Bob Brauer of Amerit Fleet Solutions chats about preparing for fleet electrification, and the growth of the last-mile delivery.
Categories: Operations
Q&A: Karl Weber of IntelliShift

With more than 20 years of industry experience, Weber opens up about his past experience, current challenges, and future goals.
Categories: Operations
An Americana Fleet Tale: Birth & Growth of TSOA

Transport Solutions of America was formed around old-school ethics, transparency, and trust. From detailing to driveaway, learn how this all-American...
Categories: Operations
Fleet 101: Do You Need a DOT Number?

Learn the basics of the DOT number - what the requirements are, how many you need, and how to obtain one in this Fleet 101 episode of Truck with host Lauren...
Categories: Operations
Semiconductor Chip Shortage: What’s Going On?

In this Q&A with Verizon Connect, we dig into what caused the shortage, how can fleets make do, and when operations might get back to normal.
Categories: Operations
How Cell Signal Boosters  Improve Fleet Communications

Clear and fast communication is essential in all fleets, but especially so in motorsports. Ensuring racers have the support if they need is critical.
Categories: Delivery, Operations
Impact of Skyrocketing Home Delivery Needs

On a growth trend pre-pandemic, home delivery fleets are increasing their delivery rates in the triple digit percentages. This is having a big impact on the...
Categories: Operations
Faces of Fleet: Shaun Skinner of Isuzu Fires Off

This episode of Faces of Fleet features Shaun Skinner, CEO of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America to discuss his history in the work truck industry, as well...
Categories: Operations, Vehicle Research
Commercial Strong Focus at Ford Fleet Preview

Ford's 2021 Fleet Preview focused on commercial offerings and the advancement of vehicle electrification initiatives.
Categories: Operations
Fleet 101 Helps Educate New & Veteran Fleet Managers

Fleet is a complex industry with constant change and advancement. From new fleet managers to seasoned veterans, there is always more to learn. Let Work...
Categories: Operations, Upfitting
Fleet 101: Top Mistakes Spec’ing Liftgates

Learn about the nine common mistakes made when spec'ing liftgates, why they're made, and how to avoid them in this Fleet 101 episode of Truck Chat.
Categories: Operations
Faces of Fleet: Circus Meets Trucking

What happens when circus and trucking connect? Kirk Marsh, clown and truck driver, chats about his background in the circus, how learning to drive a big rig...
Categories: Operations
Fleet 101: Are You Looking at the Right Data?

What are you doing to dig out of the mountain of data and focus on what’s important? Need some tips? Watch now!
Categories: Fleet Management, Operations
Trucking Goes to the Circus

When one envisions the circus, clowns and acrobatics come to mind. But many may not realize that trucks are an essential component of this creative industry.
Categories: Operations
Faces of Fleet: The Music of Jamie Trent

Hear from Fleet Sales Manager and musician, Jamie Trent, about his journey at Knapheide and as a musician, his inspiration for songwriting, as well as his...
Categories: Drivers, Operations
Transflo SaaS Simplifies Document Management

Transflo updates its multi-channel document capture and workflow suite, helping fleets with predictable monthly pricing and an improved driver experience.
Categories: Operations, Telematics
GPS Insight Acquired, Merges with 2 Companies

Accel-KKR has acquired GPS Insight and announced the merger of GPS Insight with InSight Mobile Data and Rhino Fleet Tracking.
Categories: Electric Vehicles, Fuel, Green Fleet, Operations
Green Transportation Summit & Expo In-Person

This year's theme is "Reflecting + Refocusing on a Resilient Future" and will take place Aug. 16-18 in Tacoma, Wash.
Categories: Operations
Work Truck Launches Video Interview Series

Work Truck is excited to launch a brand-new video interview series, Truck Chat.
Categories: Maintenance, Operations
9 Tips to Reduce Maintenance Costs Outside the Work Truck Shop

Utilizing tools beyond the ones on the truck shop wall can help you keep truck maintenance costs in check and reduce costly downtime.
Categories: Drivers, Maintenance, Operations
How to Reduce Driver Impact on Truck Fleet Maintenance Costs

Truck fleet drivers have a significant impact on a fleet’s maintenance costs. Ensure drivers are involved in truck maintenance and spell out fleet policies.
Categories: Electric Vehicles, Equipment, Operations, Suppliers, Vehicle OEM
Work Truck Show 2021 - Media Day

Monday, March 8, 2021 was media day for NTEA – Work Truck Week 2021. Several companies shared updates and announcements, including Ford and Mack Trucks.
Categories: Operations, Safety

There is less than one month left to participate and share how your fleet handles truck fleet maintenance today.
Categories: Maintenance, Operations
How to Create & Update Maintenance Management Programs

A maintenance management program is way more than just a checklist of maintenance that has been or needs to be performed on a truck. Check off these eight...
Categories: Maintenance, Operations
Value of Maintenance Management Programs for Work Truck Fleets

Trucks that ‘run’ keep your business working. Trucks that run efficiently and safely help your business thrive.
Categories: Electric Vehicles, Equipment, Fuel Smarts, Green Fleet, Operations, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
The 411 on Leasing or Renting Electric Trucks

Leasing an electric truck or van is an entirely different experience from a traditional vehicle lease can have some major benefits.
Categories: Fleet Management, Operations
Santa Monica Seafood Delivers

In the growing world of last-mile delivery, everything from restaurants to event venues and even theme parks depends on SMS to deliver food on time and at...
Categories: Operations, Technology
Most Read 'Fleet 101' Articles in 2020

Work Truck’s Fleet 101 series of articles are sure to feature a topic or angle new to you or that provides some helpful refreshers.
Categories: Operations
Most Read Medium-Duty Articles in 2020

Medium-duty trucks are continuing to grow in popularity and vocational fleet usage. Here are the top articles related to medium-duty in 2020.
Categories: Electric Vehicles, Operations, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
Work Truck's Most Read News in 2020

Looking back at 2020, there is not one single past forecast that could have predicted what we saw. With the constant changes, we know you depend on Work...
Categories: Operations
Work Truck's Most Read Articles in 2020

Work Truck’s exclusive and expert-written feature articles are sure to focus on a topic or angle new to you or that provides some helpful refreshers. This...
Categories: Fuel, Green Fleet, Maintenance, Operations
Top Challenges & Tips Maintaining Alternative-Fuel Trucks

To accomplish their jobs, fleet vehicles must be in proper working order. When utilizing alternative-fuel trucks, a few special considerations may need to...
Categories: Operations
Women in Fleet: Julie Bergs of NCR Corp.

With more than two decades in fleet, Bergs is still excited about fleet and the people in the industry.
Categories: Equipment, Maintenance, Operations
Last-Mile's Growing Impact on Retread Tires

Truck fleets have spoken, and the use of retread tires is growing in popularity. Medium-duty, last-mile fleets are seeing it to promote sustainability and...
Categories: Operations
Women in in Fleet: Jodie Varner of Fleet Response

Ensuring clear communication within and outside of Fleet Response, Varner takes a professional approach to engage and communicate with fleets.
Categories: Operations, Technology
Combating Lost Work Truck Productivity

Keeping vehicles in good shape, properly spec’ed, and equipped with the technology and products needed are just a few ways to keep trucks productive.
Categories: Operations, Vehicle Research
Benefits of Spec'ing Trucks with the Right Team

There are often several stakeholders involved in a fleet operation, from drivers to finance and many people in between. Making sure the right voices are...
Categories: Operations, Technology
Top 12 Causes of Lost Fleet Manager Productivity

Inefficient workflows, not enough access to quality data, and simply having to do too much are just a few ways fleet managers are losing hours in the day....
Categories: Maintenance, Operations
How to Update Your Legacy Maintenance Program

Making changes isn’t easy, but carrying on with outdated policies and programs in a fleet's maintenance program can cost time and money, and put drivers at...
Categories: Operations
How to Move Toward a Digitized Workplace

Once you have made the decision to move toward a digitized workplace, it’s important to do so carefully and with all key stakeholders involved.
Categories: Operations
Digitize Documents for Time & Cost Savings

Unbury yourself from the mountains of paperwork with document digitization. Avoid a few common mistakes to digitize your work truck fleet operation...
Categories: Operations
Women in Fleet: Titas-Wolcott of Wilson Electronics

Passionate about fleet with more than 25 years under her belt, Titas-Wolcott is motivated to learn, grow, and help others do the same.

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