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Categories: Fleet, Remarketing
Reducing Depreciation Costs With Employee Sales

The fleet industry is keen on the idea of employee sales, but, surprisingly, there are fleets that don’t pursue this alternative to wholesale, minimizing...
Categories: Remarketing, Used Vehicle Values
2017 Fleet Depreciation Aided By Hurricanes

Typical seasonal highs and lows were disrupted this year due to a run of natural disasters destroying hundreds of thousands of vehicles and causing a surge...
Categories: Electric, Fleet, Green Fleet, Remarketing
Fleet Remarketers Discuss Anticipated EV Remarketing Volume

Current sales of electric vehicles are largely driven by incentives, and while incentives help move the metal on the new-vehicle front, they have a negative...
Categories: Fleet, Remarketing
Trends in Remarketing Corporate Fleet Vehicles

Fleet management company remarketers discussed trends affecting their day-to-day jobs and the industry as a whole.
Categories: Remarketing, Used Vehicle Values
Vehicle Depreciation Remains Steady

Vehicle depreciation is impacted by a number of factors, from supply and demand to overall economic conditions. While 2015 was relatively stable for...
Categories: Remarketing, Used Vehicle Values
2014 Depreciation Expenses by Segment

Overall, depreciation is lower than pre-recession levels for the fleet vehicle market, with average months-in-service and mileage decreasing year-over-year.
Categories: Remarketing, Used Vehicle Values
Meeting the Challenge of Depreciation

While depreciation is the biggest fleet expense, there are steps fleet managers can take before purchasing a vehicle, while it’s in the fleet, and when it’s...
Categories: Remarketing, Used Vehicle Values
Vehicle Valuation 101

Understanding depreciation, how vehicles are valued and when to remarket can improve your total cost of ownership.
Categories: Operations, Remarketing
2014 Conference of Automotive Remarketing Recap

The 19th annual Conference of Automotive Remarketing (CAR) changed venues this year to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Perhaps reflecting this change, most of...
Categories: Equipment, Operations, Remarketing, Used Vehicle Values
Remarketing in 2018: Minimal Depreciation & Stable Prices

A steady supply, thriving shipping market, and increased demand helped stabilize wholesale values going into 2019.
Categories: Fleet, Remarketing

Fleets can achieve higher resale values by following some basic principles. Fleet remarketing experts share their expertise.
Categories: Fleet, Remarketing
Fleet Depreciation Trends Remain Stable for CY-2013

The used-vehicle market has always been driven by supply and demand. In the 2013 calendar-year, vehicle supply in the wholesale market continued to be tight...
Categories: Operations, Remarketing
A Year of Variance & Prosperity in the Wholesale Market

Overall used values were very strong in retention for the first half of 2012. Fleet remarketing teams continued to bring in better-than-predicted returns as...
Categories: Fleet, Remarketing

When a company acquires an asset, or the use of an asset, whose value declines over time, that value must be appropriately reduced on the company's books....
Categories: Fleet, Leasing

If you can imagine for a moment that a leased car is a block of ice that begins to melt as soon as it is driven out of a showroom, you are well on your way...
Categories: Fleet, Remarketing
'Play it Again, Sam' or Can You Hum a Few Bars of Depreciation Blues?

Fleet managers have been pursuing cost savings forever. You're right. What is surprising to me is that in this era of virtual deflation for running costs...
Categories: Fleet, Remarketing, Used Vehicle Values

Ford spelled out the details of its fleet leasing assistance program for 1964.
Categories: Remarketing, Used Vehicle Values
The State of Remarketing in 2019

Overall used vehicle values are at strong levels. Crossover values are holding steady but there is cause for concern in the near future. Sedan values are...
Categories: Remarketing, Used Vehicle Values
How to Minimize Vehicle Depreciation Costs with Data

Depreciation can account for a large portion of a vehicle’s lifecycle costs. While there is no escaping from the fact that vehicles are depreciating assets,...
Categories: Remarketing, Used Vehicle Values
Vehicle Resale Market Forecast for 2018

Fleet mainstays such as pickups and vans are expected to perform well at wholesale this year. Higher-end vehicles, such as those found in executive fleets...

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