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Categories: Equipment
Natural Gas Pump Prices Won't Rise Much, Clean Energy Exec Says

Prices paid at the pump for natural gas by truck operators won't rise much even if gas's basic price doubles, said an executive with Clean Energy, a company...
Categories: Equipment
Remanufacturing Saves Money, Cuts Waste and Pollution, Detroit Reman Says

"Why buy new when you can reuse something that still has value?" That's the mantra at Detroit Reman, which has been remanufacturing engines and engine parts...
Categories: Equipment
The Latest in Trailer Advances

Over the years, advances in trailer materials and design have added life, cut maintenance and operating costs and even improved safety. Based on our...
Categories: Equipment
Modern V-6 with Efficient 8-speed Autotranny Propels Ram to mpg Lead

Who'd-a-thunk that mile-per-gallon numbers would be important to macho owners of pickup trucks? You can thank spiking prices of gasoline, even before...
Categories: Equipment
Medium-Duty Update: Strong Sales, Many Models

If the health of the economy is tied directly to commercial medium-duty truck sales, as is the historical case, then the sky has clouded a little. It isn't...
Categories: Equipment
Trailer Technology Offers Capabilities Beyond Simple Asset Management

It's fairly well established that keeping track of untethered trailers improves a fleet's operations
Categories: Equipment
Study: More Particulate Emissions From Charbroiled Burgers Than Diesel Trucks

Just how clean is the latest clean diesel technology? Put it this way: A study by the University of California-Riverside found commercially cooked...
Categories: Equipment
Cummins Ready for Euro 6, But Not to Buy Navistar

HANOVER, Germany -- "We're ready for Euro 6," declared Tom Linebarger, the pleasant, polite and straight-talking CEO of Cummins Inc., in leading off his...
Categories: Equipment
Medium-Duty Engine and Fuel Problems Decrease, Unscheduled Downtime Increases

As medium-duty truck engine technology advances, more complicated repairs lead to more unscheduled downtime, according to the J.D. Power and Associates 2012...
Categories: Equipment
Test Drive: Driving GM's 2011 HD Pickups

Sometimes a marketing department's claim of "all-new" approaches the truth. That's the case with General Motors' Heavy Duty pickups and cab-chassis trucks,...
Categories: Equipment
Graphic Success: This Fleet's Testing Helped it Choose Aero Devices

Testing on regular runs showed Duplainville Transport which aerodynamic improvers to use on its 53-by-102 van trailers, and experience shows substantial...
Categories: Equipment
Q&A With a Medium-Duty Giant: Rush Enterprises

Rush Enterprises is probably best known as North America's largest Peterbilt dealer. But realizing they could only go so far with their franchises from the...
Categories: Equipment
Engine Smarts: A Game-Changer Engine?

You'll be hearing a lot about the 'OPOC' engine in the next little while, and maybe for a long time to come.
Categories: Equipment
Engine Smarts: Cummins Says Engine Focus Shifting to Fuel Economy

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Noting that fuel economy will be key to competitiveness among engine makers in the next decade, Cummins says real-world data has confirmed...
Categories: Equipment
Vertical Integration Yields More Profits, Navistar Executives Tell Stock Analysts

Does it make sense for a truck builder to limit customers' engine choices to just one line of products? It does if the engines are its own, because it makes...
Categories: Equipment
Cargo Securement: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Under CSA

You can hide a multitude of sins inside a van trailer, but with an open deck trailer, any indiscretions are out in the open for all to see - including DOT...
Categories: Equipment, Maintenance
Some Cleaner Diesels Unreliable, Expensive, Say Fleet Execs in TMC 'Report Card'

Some clean diesels of the 2000s have been disruptively unreliable and most are discouragingly expensive, but performance has improved as manufacturers try...
Categories: Equipment
On the Horizon: New Engines, New Fuels

From a seminar on sustainable transportation at the Sweden House in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, a glimpse over the horizon, such as a camless engine and...
Categories: Equipment
Which Engine Displacement is Right for Your Regional Truck?

The powertrain is a necessarily large part of the spec'ing exercise, and a great deal goes into the decision: anticipated lifecycle; annual miles; average...
Categories: Equipment
Automated Mechanical Transmissions Gaining Steadily in Class 8 Trucks

Talk about transmissions in commercial trucks, and you'll talk a lot about Eaton. The Michigan-based manufacturer continues to dominate the business in...

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