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Categories: Maintenance
Aperia Launches Pro+ for COVID-19 Assistance

Aperia Technologies Inc. introduced the Pro+ program to make it easier for fleets to secure technology to support their businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Categories: Aftermarket, Drivers, Equipment, Maintenance, Products
Bose Ride System II Delivers New Features, More Functionality

Adjustable seat settings will help drivers who are accustomed to the firmer feel of an air ride seat will find the Bose II seats easier to get used to.
Categories: Maintenance, Utility Fleet
3M Fabric Protects Surfaces from Fluids and Debris

3M’s Self-Stick Liquid Protection Fabric traps liquid or solid contaminants, keeping them from spreading around the shop floor.
Categories: Equipment, Maintenance, Products
Pirelli Showcases U.S. Commercial Tire Lineup

Following its announcement last year that it would enter the commercial truck tire market here, Pirelli is showing its commercial tire product lineup at...
Categories: Maintenance
Servicing Suspension Struts Requires Attention to Detail

When a customer comes in and says the car is not riding “right” or there’s a clunking sound from underneath, it’s important to do a...
Categories: Fleet Management as a Service, Maintenance, Operations
Get Spiffy Launches Green Tire Service

The new Spiffy Tires service offers mobile and fixed-site tire installation for fleets and features a number of reliable brands, such as Michelin,...
Categories: Maintenance
Wis. City Launches Fleet Apprentice Program

The Fleet Service Division of Madison, Wis., launched an apprenticeship program to teach automotive skills to high school students.
Categories: Equipment, Maintenance
Could You Pass This Brake Quiz?

Brakes are the most important safety feature on trucks, yet they may not be getting the respect attention they deserve from drivers and technicians.
Categories: Maintenance, Management

Cleveland-based Repros is a provider of large-format color graphics solutions. VP Lou LaGuardia says that “by acquiring Sun Art, we suddenly become experts...
Categories: Maintenance, Safety, Safety & Risk Management
Safety Tip: Tire Maintenance

In recognition of National Tire Safety Week, here are some tire maintenance tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Categories: Maintenance, Safety

The state directors’ organization releases recommendations on using school buses instead of full-size vans and maintaining safety compliance of school...
Categories: Maintenance

The City of Montgomery, Ala., Fire/Rescue Department expects to save more than $2 million by refurbishing two ladder trucks and three pumper trucks.
Categories: Maintenance
InPower Start/Stop Module for GM Trucks

InPower developed the SS-GM-01, a start/stop control module for 2017-2019 General Motors C3500 to C6500 trucks that are manufactured with power take-off...
Categories: Maintenance
AMSOIL Silicone Spray

AMSOIL Silicone Spray has recently undergone a reformulation and packaging redesign.
Categories: Maintenance, Products
Petro-Canada’s Duron Oils Meet API CK-4 and FA-4 Specifications

Petro-Canada Lubricants has introduced its Duron product line, featuring API CK-4 and FA-4 specification compliant engine oils.
Categories: Equipment, Maintenance, Products
Webasto Introduces Lightweight, Compact Air Cleaners

Webasto North America now offers HFT 300 and HFT 600 high-efficiency air cleaners which use medical-grade HEPA-14 filtration media and can be installed...
Categories: Maintenance
Chevrolet Offers Predictive Maintenance Alerts

Chevrolet is offering a predictive maintenance alerting system called Onstar Proactive Alerts that monitors the health of the vehicle and notifies drivers...
Categories: Equipment, Maintenance
Retread Sales Fell, But Tire Market Stable Last Year

The domestic retreaded truck tire market was down in 2015 compared to 2014, however, the health of the truck tire market also depends on new truck tire...
Categories: Aftermarket, Maintenance, Operations

Meritor, Inc. has entered into an agreement with an affiliate of The Carlyle Group, under which Meritor will acquire AxleTech for approximately $175 million...
Categories: Maintenance
Daimler opens new parts distribution center

Officials say that the new facility in Dallas will enable customers of DTNA brands, including Thomas Built Buses, to receive parts faster.
Categories: Maintenance, Operations
Chevron Unveils High-Tech Rolling Oil Education Lab

Chevron hasn’t been just resting on its laurels since it re-engineered its Delo 400 product line in 2016 to meet the new API CK-4 and FA-4 heavy-duty engine...
Categories: Maintenance
Jasper Offers Remanufactured Chrysler 5.7L Hemi for Ram 1500

Jasper Engines & Transmissions is pleased to announce the availability of the Chrysler 5.7L Hemi MDS-Delete engine for the 2009 to 2014 model-year Ram 1500.
Categories: Maintenance, Operations
Two Weeks Left: How Does Your Fleet Handle Truck Maintenance?

Maintenance is a large part of managing a truck fleet. Work Truck magazine is looking for fleet manager input regarding truck fleet maintenance trends,...
Categories: Maintenance, Safety, Safety & Compliance
TIA Offers Free Tire Safety Webinars

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) will be offering a three-week series of free online video conference webinars in July for fleets that use mounted tire...
Categories: Maintenance, Safety, Safety & Compliance
Brake Safety Week: What to Expect, How to Prepare

Bendix, a designer, developer, and supplier of active safety technologies, has put together a guide to help fleets get ready for Brake Safety Week.
Categories: Maintenance
N.C. City to Maintain County Fire Fleet at Five Stations

The City of Wilmington, N.C., is considering providing fleet maintenance services to New Hanover County at five of the county’s fire stations. The contract...
Categories: Maintenance
The Importance of Proper Truck Diagnostics

Broken down trucks aren’t making the fleet money. Using truck diagnostics is a sure way to help avoid downtime due to breakdowns.
Categories: Aftermarket, Maintenance, Operations
Are Your Aftermarket Truck Parts the Real Deal?

Phony designer handbags…fake Rolex watches…buy these without realizing it and you’ll undoubtedly overpay for inferior products. Your wallet and your ego...
Categories: Maintenance
Ind. City Debates In-House Refuse Collection

Officials at the City of Lake Station, Ind., recently voted to keep refuse collection in house rather than outsource it. The aging fleet needs to be...
Categories: Equipment, Maintenance
Tires for multiple applications

The economic recession had profound effects on trucking, but one of the most surprising is a greater need for tires on trucks that need to be used in more...
Categories: Maintenance, Upfitting
EasyLoad Hoist

The MAD EasyLoad Hoist is the intelligent alternative to post-mounted cranes. The EasyLoad remains inside the vehicle, away from the elements, and can be...
Categories: Maintenance
OTC 3211 OBD-I & II Scanner Tool

The OTC 3211 OBD I & II scan tool includes coverage OBD I GM, Ford, Chrysler, and Toyota vehicles and all 1996 and newer cars and light trucks.
Categories: Maintenance, Management, Safety
Team stays proactive to maintain safe service

From its school bus maintenance to its driver training, the transportation employees at Forest Hills Public Schools in Grand Rapids, Mich., look ahead and...
Categories: Fuel, Green Fleet, Maintenance, Operations

CHICAGO – Carbon Day Automotive announced the unveiling of the first solar-powered electric vehicle charging station in the City of Chicago.
Categories: Bus, Maintenance, Motorcoach, Operations, Products
Marathon Introduces New Air Disc Brake Rotors

Marathon's DiscStar air disc brake rotors feature an optimized venting design and maximized heat sink to further enhance thermal resistance properties.
Categories: Maintenance
Cart-Mounted Explosion-Proof LED Light

The Larson Electronics EPLC2-16C-150LED explosion proof portable tank light provides a powerful and easy to deploy lighting solution capable of illuminating...
Categories: Maintenance
Water Pump

With the addition of new part numbers to its line of premium performance water pumps, FMI Automotive has increased its vehicle coverage, now including the...
Categories: Maintenance
Geoliner 770 Diagnostic Wheel Alignment System

Key features of the Hofmann geoliner 770 Diagnostic Wheel Alignment System include the advanced XD cameras and sophisticated monitoring algorithms that...
Categories: Maintenance

The company adds a third full day to its Rotary Authorized Installer regular factory training classes, which is intended to thoroughly cover proper lift...
Categories: Maintenance, Safety
Chevrolet Silverado Design Simplifies Collision Repair

General Motors engineers incorporated several features that allow technicians to more efficiently repair collision damage.
Categories: Maintenance
Terra Trac R/S

The Hercules Terra Trac R/S (rugged service) is an all-terrain tire built for rough conditions, tough commercial applications, and on- and off-road...
Categories: Equipment, Maintenance
Yokohama to Increase Prices on Commercial Tires

Yokohama Tire Corp. announced a price increase of up to 4% on all of its commercial and off-the-road tires sold in the U.S., effective Sept. 1.
Categories: Maintenance, Safety, Safety & Risk Management
Safety Tip: 12 Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Pep Boys lists 12 commonly made maintenance mistakes that can be costly in the long run.
Categories: Maintenance, Parts
Brake pad and rotor technology

Today’s brake pad formulations continue to evolve, but the basics include organic, non-asbestos organic (NAO), semi-metallic and ceramic.
Categories: Maintenance
The Evolution of Winter Tires

A better understanding of winter tires, including what makes a snow tire, will help fleet managers choose the right tire for vehicles that operate in...
Categories: Maintenance
3 Tips for Optimal Tire Maintenance

Maintaining proper inflation and consistently completing thorough visual inspections and rotations go a long way toward extending tire life.
Categories: Maintenance
Relay Bypass Kit

Innovative Products of America’s #9038A Relay Bypass Master Kit with Amp Loop is designed for DC motor activation and current monitoring in circuit relays.
Categories: Maintenance, Operations
A Wrong and Right Way to Mount Truck Tires

It’s easy to mount a truck tire on a rim and torque down on the fasteners, but not everyone takes the time to do it right, and that can affect tire life and...
Categories: Maintenance, Safety, Safety & Compliance
Instructional Technologies Adds New Courses to Pro-Tread

New ITI Pro-Tread courses include intermodal equipment inspections, rear-end collision avoidance for medium-duty trucks, and transporting lithium batteries.
Categories: Equipment, Maintenance, Vehicle Research
Selecting the Right PTO Doesn't Have to Be Hard

Spec’ing the correct PTO for the vehicle and application, and properly maintaining it, will optimize performance and extend the lifecycle of the unit to...

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