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Categories: F&I
F&I Tip of the Week: What You Don't Know

A quick follow-up call to every sold F&I customer can clear up post-delivery misinformation and concerns, reduce unwinds and chargebacks, and generate...
Categories: F&I
F&I Tip of the Week: Clock Management

Every football fan has watched their team lose at least one game to poor clock management. In this game-changing tip of the week, John Tabar of UDS lists...
Categories: F&I
Utilize the Trade

Of all the places to get great information to build your menu and bring value to the products you are going to present to the customer, the trade in is a...
Categories: F&I
F&I Tip of the Week: Just Tell Them What They Want

Dale Carnegie called it ‘the sweetest and most important sound in any language.’ Add this powerful word to your F&I vocabulary and learn how to leverage it...
Categories: Actuary, Auto Finance, Awards, Compliance, Dealer Ops, F&I, Industry, Meet the Executive, Product & Technology, Sales, Summit Updates, Training
F&I Tip of the Week: Power of the Pause

When we communicate, the words we use only account for 7% of the communication. Voice tone and inflection account for 38%, while body language makes up...
Categories: F&I
F&I Tip of the Week: The Code to Success

Did you know most new vehicles have more lines of code in their onboard computers than an F-35? Neither do your customers. If they did, they would have a...
Categories: F&I
F&I Tip of the Week: 5 Types of Buyers

Improve your penetration rates by learning how to identify and connect with each of the five F&I customer types — and how to avoid inadvertently classifying...
Categories: F&I, Training
F&I Tip of the Week: GAP as a Cash Conversion

Dwayne Wiggins here with American Financial’s F&I University, and this is your tip of the week!
Categories: F&I
F&I Tip of the Week: Pace Equals Profit

Research shows that people tend to equate fast-paced speech with a lack of credibility, which isn't what we're after in the F&I office. F&I trainer John...
Categories: F&I
F&I Tip of the Week: We Owe/You Owe

‘We Owes’ help minimize your contracts in transit, but they only tell half the story. John Tabar of UDS explains how a ‘We Owe/You Owe’ conveys a sense of...

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