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Categories: Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)
Webinar: ELDs Are a Goldmine of Fleet Data

Heavy Duty Trucking magazine is hosting a free webinar Nov. 14 on how ELD data is essential to any fleet operation.
Categories: Fleet Management
Toll By Plate: Emerging Trends & Impact on Fleets

The rise of all-electronic tolling across the United States has led to an increase in unplanned toll by plate, which can impact fleets in myriad ways,...
Categories: Drivers, Fleet Management
The Essential Guide to Engaging the Younger Generation of Drivers

More than 45% of commercial drivers are expected to retire in the next decade. Read this guide to learn how you can combat the commercial driver shortage...
Categories: Safety & Compliance
What You May Not Know About Your USDOT Number

A USDOT number is one of the most fundamental requirements of trucking, yet many are confused about the ABCs of FMCSA registration.
Categories: Drivers, Fleet Management, Maintenance, Safety & Compliance
7-Step Guide to Preventative Maintenance

Having a smart preventative maintenance process for your fleet can be the difference between seeing your bottom line soar and watching it slip away. Don’t...
Categories: Fleet Management, Operations, Safety, Safety & Compliance
Webinar on Successfully Selling Safety Throughout Your Fleet

Heavy Duty Trucking magazine and Work Truck Online are hosting a free webinar March 19th to share three keys to successfully building a safety culture...
Categories: Maintenance, Safety & Compliance
A Truckload of Safety Technology

We're driving for safety. Safety is number one at Freightliner for drivers and everyone on the road. Check out our latest safety innovations.
Categories: Fleet Management, Safety & Compliance
A Fleet Owner’s Survival Guide in a Hard Insurance Market

The cost of insuring big rigs keeps getting larger. Rising auto insurance rates have affected nearly every fleet operator – premiums for long haul trucks...
Categories: Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), Fleet Management
Top Factors Impacting Fleet Electrification in 2020

Many fleets are adopting electric or hybrid vehicles to meet sustainability targets and environmental regulations. From lower battery prices to increased...
Categories: Fleet Management
Webinar on Making the Supply Chain Smarter & Faster

Heavy Duty Trucking magazine is hosting a free webinar Dec. 19 to discuss emerging technologies, such as autonomous trucks and drone-based delivery systems.
Categories: Drivers, Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), Fleet Management, Safety & Compliance
6 Hot Topics Driving The Need For Video

As we talk with our customers – and hear from top influencers – they remind everyone to focus on these six key issues. Delve deeper into each of these...
Categories: Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), Fleet Management, Safety & Compliance
Continuous License Monitoring: Myth vs. Fact

Learn how to refute the most common myths associated with continuous license monitoring and prove it should be the cornerstone of any fleet safety policy.
Categories: Drivers
The Adaptable Generation - Learn to Engage the Millennial Technicians

Field service fleets are under constant pressure to meet new, higher demands making it critical to find and keep the strongest workforce possible. In this...
Categories: Drivers, Safety & Compliance
How Fleets Can Use Telematics to Protect Vulnerable Road Users

Vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, need to be as much a priority for fleets as their own drivers and vehicles. Using telematics can...
Categories: Fleet Management
Webinar on Increasing Driver Retention in the First 90 Days

Heavy Duty Trucking magazine is hosting a free webinar Nov. 20 to explain how truck carriers can increase their success rate for retaining drivers in the...
Categories: Equipment, Fuel Smarts, Maintenance
Building a Better Tire Program

Choosing the right tires, taking care of them properly, and tracking and analyzing your tire program for continual improvement, all can save fleets money in...
Categories: Aftermarket, Equipment, Products
How Solar Can Solve Liftgate Battery Woes

Fleets across North America share a common problem: work ow interruption resulting from battery failure. Learn how Solar can put a stop to idling, lengthen...
Categories: Fleet Management, Maintenance
Webinar: Does FA-4 Oil Really Protect Your Heavy Duty Engine?

Heavy Duty Trucking magazine is hosting a free webinar Dec. 10 to explain the key difference between FA-4 and CK-4 engine oil.
Categories: Fleet Management
Top Five Ways to Save Time and Money on Toll

Ready to save time and money on toll? Here are the top-five things to consider when determining your approach to toll management.
Categories: Aftermarket, Drivers, Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), Equipment, Fleet Management, Fuel Smarts, Maintenance, Neste MY Renewable Diesel, Products, Safety & Compliance
Celebrating Women in Fleet

We’d like to introduce you to some of the most influential women in the fleet industry. These women are trailblazers in an industry that is often thought of...
Categories: Equipment, Fleet Management, Maintenance
How Lithium Power Boosts Uptime and Fleet Productivity

Say goodbye to idling, jump-starts and frequent battery replacements! Here's a solution that boosts uptime, reduces operating costs, enhances driver and...
Categories: Drivers, Safety
iGen: Appealing to a New Generation of Drivers

Between drivers retiring without enough recruits to take their place, and demand rapidly growing, the need for qualified professionals is expected to...
Categories: Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), Fleet Management, Safety & Compliance
5 Signs You're Ready for Telematics

Are you ready for vehicle tracking? Go through our checklist to learn the 5 signs you’re ready to add fleet tracking to your business. Plus, learn how...
Categories: Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)
The ELD Rule: Time to Comply

The electronic logging device mandate, effective on Dec. 18, requires most carriers and drivers to convert from using paper logs or logging software to a...
Categories: Fleet Management
4 Ways to Use Uniforms to Drive Results

Uniforms may be an easy decision to overlook, but they’re one of the best ways to transform your team from a cost center to a results-driven business center.

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