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I would like to know if it is better to perform pedicures with or without gloves? What types of infections or skin disorders can a nail technician...

If you could do anyone’s nails, who would you choose?

What’s better in the salon: small private rooms that are one-on-one or a room with multiple stations so people can interact with each other?

I have a client who was an intense nail biter who has (thankfully) stopped her habit going on three weeks now. She is concerned that her cuticle area is...

Why do some of my clients’ toenails seem to warp with age? Sometimes it seems like they are taking...

To ward off the summer slump, I run a pedicure promotion called “Do you dare to go bare…barefooted.”

Should you communicate with clients via cell phone text message? Why or why not?

Sometimes parents bring 11- to 15- year-old kids into the salon to get a full set of acrylics. I really hate to put acrylics on them because they are...

What’s the difference between a “competition nail” and a “client nail”? Is it the length? the C-curve? the thickness?

Readers respond: What do you wear to work and why?

How do I handle a tech who calls in sick all the time –and usually when I need her the most?

Readers recommend a gentle approach unless the problem is chronic.

I don’t use tips — I’ve never been a fan. I build my pink-and-whites from scratch and have always been much happier with how they look...

How often do you reevaluate your service menu?

Why are my gel nails still sticky and thicker on one end?

How do I keep the white acrylic from blending in with the pink? Is there a trick to keeping the white and pink apart?

What causes sculpting liquid to turn yellow? What causes artificial nails to turn yellow?

I’ve been doing nails for two years using acrylics, and I’ve recently switched to gels but I’m having trouble controlling the gel when...

If a new client comes to me from another salon with artificial overlays and they have a green bacterial infection underneath, should I soak the nails off...

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