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How can I get people to get regular pedicures and try nail art? Sincerely, No Regularity

How can I speed up my pedicures? I give full leg massages and apply polish at the end.

Now that it’s pedicure season, some of my clients have asked if there is a way to remove dark spots from the bottoms of their feet. They have no...

How should I handle it when a valued customer comes in for a pedicure but I have to turn her away because she has toenail fungus?

When doing pedicures I have noticed that several of my clients have dark spots on the soles of their feet. Do you have any idea what these spots could...

Why is my top coat wrinkling on toenails? This only happens when the feet are cold. Do the feet have to be a certain temperature?

What is the proper way to treat an ingrown toenail during a pedicure?

What is a good technique for polishing a French manicure on toes? I seem to make a mess and can’t get a thin, white free edge.

I performed a pedicure on a client and her polish went through her toenail and made thin, peeling layers. What can I use to stop this and still give her...

My client’s feet peel all the time. She doesn’t have athlete’s foot or dry skin and she puts lotion on them twice a day. But...

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