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Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Special Units
Home Invasions: Side Effects of the Drug War

Drug-related home invasions are especially prevalent in the Sunbelt. Southern Arizona, Texas, and Atlanta serve as distribution points for traffickers...
Gangs and Terrorism

We often focus on one puzzle piece rather than the whole puzzle. If we would slow down and step back, we might see the whole of our enemy's tactics and...
Mexican Cartel Violence: None Dare Call It Terrorism

In the last three years, 23,000 people are estimated to have been killed in the Mexican drug gang violence. This daily body count rivals totals from Iraq...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units
4 Gun Traffickers Were Raising Proceeds to Pay Drug Cartel

Several of the guns, which were being moved from Arizona to California, were fully automatic. One of the men arrested said the transaction was raising funds...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
It's Time to Get Tough on Drugs, America

If we want to dry up the market, we have to make the penalties for drug possession more than a hand slap.
Categories: Investigations, Special Units
The War Correspondent: Sylvia Longmire

Author Sylvia Longmire has been studying Mexico's drug and human smuggling operations for much of her life.
Categories: Investigations, Special Units
Cartel Operators Killed ICE Agent At Trafficking Checkpoint

Zapata and partner Victor Avila were traveling between Mexico City and Monterrey when they were stopped by cartel operators near San Luis Potosi. The agents...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Mexican Cartels Threaten Arizona Sheriff

Babeu has been outspoken about the need to secure his state's border with Mexico, and has called for federal troops in southern Arizona because his...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units
Video: Investigators Suspect Drug Cartel Involved in Ohio Family Murders

A law enforcement source confirmed investigators found some 200 marijuana plants. They were inside an indoor grow operation that was found in some of the...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Special Units
Arizona Beheading a Cartel Hit?

The Chandler (Ariz.) PD's investigation of the beheading of a man earlier this month will include whether the killing was ordered by a Mexican drug cartel.

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