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Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
The Head Butt

One only need look back at soccer’s World Cup series of 2006 and the devastating head butt delivered by French player Zinedine Zidane to...
Categories: Special Units, Training & Careers
Video: Cop Shot In Boston Manhunt Vows To Return To Duty

Officer Richard Donahue told CBS News he would return to police work following his recovery from the shootout with the Boston Marathon bombing suspects.
Categories: Training & Careers
Affordable, Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

CSU's online degree programs explore various areas of criminal justice such as criminal investigation, constitutional law, terrorism, justice system...
Categories: Command, Patrol, Training & Careers
Boston Gets First Ever African-American Police Commissioner

Superintendent-in-Chief William Gross—second-in-command to retiring Boston Police Commissioner William Evans—will become the next commissioner, the first...
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Technology, Training & Careers, Vehicle Ops, Weapons
Texas Officers Wounded, Suspect Killed in Christmas Shootout

A Mansfield, Texas, teen who led Grand Prairie police on a nearly 10-hour manhunt after shooting at an officer at a traffic stop early Wednesday morning was...
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
Dealing With A Bad Attitude

A person with a bad attitude can be disruptive to the workplace, it's not something you want in your unit but before you face the issue head on, make...
Categories: Training & Careers
(Video) Asking

Renowned police trainer Brian Willis discusses how the question, "What's Important Now?" can help officers be safer and more successful both on and off duty.
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Technology, Training & Careers, Vehicle Ops, Weapons
3 Found Shot After Wild Chicago Chase

Three men in their 20s were seriously wounded this morning after they were involved in a shootout on the West Side of Chicago, then led police on a chase...
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Technology, Training & Careers, Vehicle Ops, Weapons
Report: FBI Disrupts Mass Shootings with Mental Health Intervention

The FBI says it has helped to disrupt or prevent nearly 150 shootings and violent attacks this year, in part by steering potential gunmen toward mental...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
MityLite 1965 LED

Pelican Products' rugged, compact Mity-Lite 1965 LED can be used in environments where flammable gases, dusts, and fibers are present. It features a safety...
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Technology, Training & Careers, Vehicle Ops, Weapons
Video: Truck Ignites During Iowa Pursuit

A high-speed chase through two central Iowa counties early Friday morning began with the alleged theft of tweezers and an eyebrow pencil and ended when the...
Categories: Training & Careers
Why the OODA Loop is Still Relevant

Any time you react you are processing information and making decisions using the OODA loop. The OODA loop consists of four parts: Observe, Orient,...
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Training & Careers
Active Shooter Response Bag

Uncle Mike's Active Shooter Response (ASR) bag has MOLLE compatible webbing for customizing to officer needs, and an outer hook-and-loop strip for visible...
Categories: Technology, Training & Careers
Training Outside of the Box

The contemporary use-of-force simulator scenario has become much more of an immersive and realistic experience for the student. All of this technological...
Categories: Training & Careers
(Video) Mitigating Police Officer Suicide

Nick Greco, who sits on the BlueH.E.L.P. Board of Directors, discusses how agencies can prevent officer suicides and do a better job of supporting the...
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Technology, Training & Careers, Vehicle Ops, Weapons
Video: Albuquerque PD Releases Footage of Controversial Camper Shooting

Boyd appeared to pull out knives in both hands as an officer with a dog approached him. He made what the Albuquerque Journal describes as a threatening...
Categories: Training & Careers, Weapons
Ring’s Manufacturing Introduces 9mm Sub Compact Bluegun Training Pistol

Ring’s Manufacturing has introduced a new Honor Guard 9mm Sub Compact Bluegun training pistol replica.
Categories: Special Units, Training & Careers
Calif. Cop Cleared In Gang Member's Shooting

The Orange County (Calif.) District Attorney's Office declined to file charges against an Anaheim Police officer who fatally shot an unarmed gang member in...
Categories: Training & Careers, Weapons
Don't Fear the Recoil

Some agencies have sold off their shotguns or traded them away in favor of the rifle. Rifles are great, but so are shotguns, and you should have both.
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Off-Duty Survival

Dealing with incidents when you're off duty can be very different from working in uniform. Before you involve yourself in an off-duty incident, it is...

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