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Categories: Training & Careers
Snack Food

Years ago, while working at the Law Enforcement Television Network (LETN), I heard an anecdote from one of the producers who had worked on a corn chip...
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
No One Cares?

People who care make things happen. People who don't care just complain.
Categories: Command, Training & Careers, Vehicle Ops
Code Three Syndrome

Code three is lights and siren, and man is it fun. You are lord of the road, racing here and there to accidents, crimes in progress, officer needs...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
If I Were a Crook

If I were a crook these are some of the methods and techniques I would use to victimize the people in your jurisdiction. Believe me, bad guys in your...
Categories: Training & Careers
Treatment and Redemption

With the help of strategic partnerships and programs aimed at treating addicted officers, treatment centers are opening their doors to first...
Categories: Training & Careers
Defending Against  the Choke

One of the first things any attacker will attempt to do to you in a physical confrontation is to cut off the oxygen to your brain, so it's important for...
Categories: Training & Careers
The Rear Wrist Lock

One excellent technique for gaining control of a resisting person that doesn't require you to take him to the ground or use a weapon is the rear wrist...
Categories: Training & Careers
Training in Active Shooter Response Gear

Active shooter response gear is heavy and can change the way you perform, so you need to know how to compensate.
Categories: Procedures & Policies, Training & Careers
How To Write Better Police Reports

In those cases where force is used—and we are most likely to be sued—we seem to be ashamed to tell the truth and admit that we hit, punched,...
Categories: Special Units, Training & Careers
Rethinking SWAT Training

What SWAT fitness experts are discovering is that some of this wear and tear and incapacitation can be avoided with "smart" training instead of...
Categories: Command, Point of Law, Training & Careers
Courtroom Common Sense

Testifying might be unfamiliar territory, but a few tips can make it less painful.
Categories: Training & Careers
Why the OODA Loop is Still Relevant

Any time you react you are processing information and making decisions using the OODA loop. The OODA loop consists of four parts: Observe, Orient,...
Categories: Training & Careers
Training Simulators: The Human Factor

The most important element in simulator training is a qualified and knowledgeable instructor.
Categories: Procedures & Policies, Special Units, Training & Careers
How to Join a Bicycle Unit

A great bicycle officer has a strong service mentality, paramount knowledge of laws, a thirst for new knowledge, and someone who can adapt to change...
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
Your Role as a Supervisor

Just doing your job is not enough. You have to fulfill your role as a supervisor, which encompasses much more.
Categories: Training & Careers
Achieving Training Goals without Injury

Let's take a look at some overlooked and undervalued areas of training and program development that departments and agencies can start to implement...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Responding vs. Reacting

Reacting is guided primarily by emotion and responding is influenced by logic. In this context, it's not hard to see which one of the two is more...
Categories: Training & Careers
Range Training Equipment

Use these tools to enhance your shooting practice.
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Tactical Medical Response to School Shootings

Officers trained in first aid responding to school shootings have to do what they can to help the victims who can be saved.
Categories: Training & Careers, Weapons
Tactical Illuminator Training

Over the last 10 years of sharing what I have learned about weapon-mounted lights, I have heard the same questions, concerns, and training issues from...

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