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Categories: Training & Careers
Oregon (Ohio) Police Division

When it comes to policing the especially permeable maritime borders running through the Great Lakes, security requires an "all hands on deck" approach.
Categories: Special Units, Training & Careers
K-9 Training Challenges

A police K-9 isn't a simple weapon used to attack suspects. At least not anymore. Temperament, sensory ability, and certain natural drives are just...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers, Vehicle Ops
Vehicle Counter-ambush Tactics for Patrol

In last month's The Winning Edge article, I discussed how to anticipate and respond to ambushes when arriving on calls in an urban environment. In this...
Categories: Technology, Training & Careers
Training Sims Help Officers Use Appropriate Force

Nothing is exactly the same as being in an incident on the street, but today’s use-of-force judgment training simulators are getting darn close....
Categories: Training & Careers
Whistleblowers Sounding the Alarm

Regardless of how they are viewed, whistleblowers' capacity to effect change within their agencies often eclipses that of those with more formally...
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
Your Role as a Supervisor

Just doing your job is not enough. You have to fulfill your role as a supervisor, which encompasses much more.
Categories: Special Units, Training & Careers
Working with Event Security After Vegas

When planning security for any event, there needs to be a site-specific analysis based on geographic risks.
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Hitting the Reset Button

When you hear a war story, imagine yourself in the situation, "preloading" yourself for success in similar incidents.
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Procedures & Policies, Training & Careers
How to Investigate a Burglary

My friend used investigating burglaries as his template for training new detectives. Since his clearance rate was always above the national average, his...
Categories: Patrol, Special Units, Training & Careers
Combined Response to Active Shooters

The final element of an active threat incident is the response. This encompasses the police response to end the attack, Fire/EMS response to aid and...
Categories: Point of Law, Procedures & Policies, Training & Careers
Will I Get Sued?

Years ago when I was attending my police academy recruit training, one of the many questions my fellow recruits and I pondered was: Will I get sued? In...
Categories: Training & Careers
How To Give Your Range a Makeover

Here are some suggestions for updating your shooting facilities to enhance training.
Categories: Patrol, Technology, Training & Careers
Briefing Skills

Effectively providing information in a briefing requires choosing the right presentation method for a given audience.
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Incentives and Volunteers

A Pennsylvania police department's voluntary fitness program is motivating officers and helping build community.
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
No One Cares?

People who care make things happen. People who don't care just complain.
Categories: Special Units, Training & Careers
Taking the Bite

I would later reflect on the odd incongruity of the K-9's toenails gently striking the tiles in the Junior High that we had just cleared. They were so...
Categories: Training & Careers
Teaching Control Tactics with Jiu Jitsu

Why the Marietta (GA) Police Department made Brazilian jiu jitsu training mandatory.
Categories: Procedures & Policies, Special Units, Training & Careers
How to Join a Bicycle Unit

A great bicycle officer has a strong service mentality, paramount knowledge of laws, a thirst for new knowledge, and someone who can adapt to change...
Categories: Command, Training & Careers
10 Rookie Errors To Avoid

Unfortunately, many officers fail to meet the required standards and may find their on-the-job training program to be an insurmountable hurdle....
Categories: Training & Careers
Just Get It Done

Scheduling high-intensity workouts is much easier when you have an actionable plan.

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