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Categories: Investigations, Patrol
FBI, DEA, Local California Agencies, Take Down Major Meth Ring

An eight-month operation by the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Crossmatch Introduces Innovative Mobile Ten-Print Technology

The new FAP60 thin film transistor (TFT) sensor from Crossmatch is designed to process FBI compliant enrollments and rapid ID checks on a single device, all...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Technology
Telescopic Pole Camera for Patrol

TacView is announcing an affordable IR/color telescopic pole camera designed to be carried in a patrol car trunk. Because its original SWAT version was also...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units
Zetas Mexican Cartel Leader Captured

Mexican Marines captured the brutal leader of the Los Zetas Mexican drug cartel early Monday in what U.S. drug enforcement officials called a major blow in...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Video: Second Man Wanted in Shooting Death of Arkansas Officer Arrested

The second person wanted in the murder of a Forrest City, AR, police officer has been arrested in Memphis.
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Lasersec Introduces Hand-held Crime Scene Material Analyzer

Lasersec Systems Corp. has released the LEA hand-held elemental analyzer based on LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy), according to the company.
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Evidence Drying Cabinets

Misonix's Evidence Drying Cabinets prevent decomposition of evidence and protect users from exposure to unknown substances. Filtered air passes through the...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Centice Upgrades Mobile Narcotics Identification System

The portable MFL-3000 enables narcotic squads and drug task forces to quickly and easily perform drug identification in the field without destroying...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Catching It All on Camera

Agencies use in-car technology to solve crimes, such as LPR used to identify and arrest a thief in Kansas who was targeting local churches earlier this...
Categories: Command, Investigations, Technology
Law Enforcement Rarely Uses Search Warrants in Getting Twitter Data

United States law-enforcement agencies by and large do not establish probable cause or obtain a search warrant from an impartial judge before they seek...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Utah Officer Dies of Medical Condition on Duty

Unified, UT, police are mourning the loss of a veteran detective who suffered a medical condition while on duty Thursday. More Here.
Categories: Investigations, Special Units
Gun Runner's Weapon Linked To ICE Agent's Murder

A 23-year-old Texas man has received a seven-year federal prison sentence for purchasing the gun later used to kill Special Agent Jaime Zapata.
Categories: Investigations, Training & Careers
N.J. Detective Charged with Murder In Road Rage Death

Joseph Walker now faces a first-degree murder charge for allegedly shooting and killing another motorist while off duty in a road-rage incident.
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Eight Virginia Officers Hurt When Suspect Sets Fire

Eight Fairfax County, VA, police officers required medical attention for burns, smoke inhalation, and other injuries because of a fire set by a domestic...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
California Sheriff Investigating Deputies' Use of Force After Viewing Video of Desert Arrest

The San Bernardino County Sheriff ordered an internal investigation Thursday into an arrest caught on NBC Los Angeles' NewsChopper4 video that showed...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
About Face: Facial Recognition

Imagine you are working a rape case and you're trying to identify the perpetrator. He posted a video of the crime and a profile picture of himself on...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Man Convicted In Cinder Block Attack on Detective

A Miami-Dade jury convicted a would-be cop killer of attempted murder and several other felonies for hurling a cinder block that struck a detective in the...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Procedures & Policies
Officers Swarm Suspect Outside Hospital

One of the two Omaha (Neb.) Police officers fired over this forceful arrest outside of Creighton University Medical Center in May of 2011 has been...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Facial Recognition Nabs 14-Year Fugitive in Nepal, FBI Says

A U.S. fugitive on the lam for 14 years in connection with child sex abuse and kidnapping charges was apprehended in Nepal after authorities scanned his...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units, Vehicle Ops
Risk Management

Things are not technologically stagnant in the SWAT community. New versions of the tried and true, as well as innovative uses of modern mechanisms,...
Categories: Investigations
Alabama Detective Killed Off Duty, Ex-Boyfriend Charged with Murder

A Montgomery, AL, police detective was killed Monday morning in an apparent domestic violence related incident and her ex-boyfriend was charged in...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
CA Sheriff's Explorer Volunteer's Body Found Stabbed and Burned

Authorities confirmed Friday that a body found in a creek at an East Oakland park was that of a missing Alameda County (CA) Sheriff's Department volunteer...
Categories: Command, Investigations, Patrol, Technology
Florida Department Extends Test of Amazon's Facial Recognition Software

The Orlando Police Department plans to continue its test of Amazon's controversial "Rekognition" facial recognition software, despite opposition from civil...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units, Technology
San Diego Police To Monitor Live Stream from Schools

San Diego Police will soon be able to monitor live streaming video from 70 of the city's roughly 200 campuses, an added measure of security in the wake of...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Check on the Well-Being

Don't just take the call you are dispatched to at face value. You never know until you get there and see what your investigation brings up.
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Conn. Officer Probed In Arrest

A hospital security videotape shows a Meriden (Conn.) Police officer throwing several punches at a man already on the ground. Read the full story here.
Categories: Investigations, Weapons
Biden: Gun Control Proposals To Come Tuesday

Vice President Joe Biden will present proposals for new gun-control regulations to President Obama by Tuesday, he told reporters Thursday.
Categories: Investigations, Weapons
FBI: Record Gun Sales In 2012

The FBI conducted just under 2.8 million background checks in December for those wishing to purchase firearms, which helped make 2012 a record year for gun...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units
Traffic Stop Uncovers Ariz. Border Tunnel

Federal and local authorities uncovered a sophisticated underground tunnel at the California-Arizona-Mexico border with lighting, ventilation, and...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Shots Fired: Fort Smith, Arkansas 09/15/2010

A rape investigation presented immediate barriers for Fort Smith PD's Det. Jeff Carter, such as a reluctant victim and informant with a criminal record...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Shell Casings Could Prove Crucial Evidence in Off-Duty GA Deputy's Death

Weeks after an off-duty sheriff's deputy was fatally shot outside a home in Augusta, GA, additional shell casings were found that could prove crucial to...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units
Burned-Out Truck Linked to Fugitive Ex-Cop

Officers searching for an ex-LAPD cop wanted for three murders moved their search to the Big Bear area after locating a burning pickup truck they have...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
2 NYPD Officers Suspended Over Response to Welfare Check on Woman Found Dead

The officers, who are assigned to the 77th Precinct, were initially called to the home on Sterling Place in Crown Heights to check on 22-year-old Tonie...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Extra Eyes Patrol City's Streets

Fed up with rising criminal activity, a local crime commission in Lancaster, Pa., decided in 2001 that video surveillance cameras might be the answer to...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Special Units
Shots Fired: San Antonio, Texas 09•08•2008

As rounds smacked into the walls and furniture about Garcia and Roell, Garcia fired two quick bursts toward the top of the stairs.
Categories: Investigations
Florida Detectives Hope Amazon Echo Recordings Could Solve Bizarre Murder Case

According to a search warrant, Hallandale Beach Police asked a judge to order Amazon to turn over audio recordings from a pair of Amazon Echo Dot devices in...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Va. Officer Saves Family from Armed Jealous Ex-Boyfriend

Officer Joe Young protected a family from a man recently released from jail who threatened his ex-girlfriend because she had a new boyfriend. Young...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Officer Who Inspired Films 'Dirty Harry,' 'Bullitt,' and 'Zodiac' Has Died

San Francisco Police Detective Dave Toschi was a brash, larger-than-life personality, and he received his most famous assignment in 1969 when, alongside...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Video: Victim's Family Fights with Cops at Crime Scene

A homicide victim's two brothers who scuffled with Miami Police detectives at a crime scene have been charged in the incident. The incident began Monday in...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Video: Michigan Officers Face Internal Investigation Over Handcuffing of 11-Year-Old Girl

"Listening to the 11-year-old's response makes my stomach turn. It makes me physically nauseous," Chief Rahinsky said at a press conference Tuesday when the...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
ME Trooper Visits Murder Victim’s Children He Helped Rescue

A Maine State Police trooper was reunited for the first time in six years with four children he stood guard over while police searched for their mother’s...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Technology
Fishers Pulse 8X Metal Detector Rated #1 by Homeland Security

JW Fishers Pulse 8X has been rated the best underwater metal detector by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's SAVER program. In a comparison of the...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Technology
San Bernardino PD Wins Everyday Heroes Award from Thomson Reuters for Response to Mass Shooting

For its resourceful police work and brave response to the events on Dec. 2, the San Bernardino Police Department was honored with an Everyday Heroes award,...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units
Agent Who Infiltrated Hells Angels Wins Key Ruling in Complaint Against ATF

Jay Dobyns, an ATF agent in Arizona for 22 years, contends in U.S. Court of Claims papers that his bosses failed to uphold an agreement to protect him after...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Special Units
DEA-Led Operation Delivers More Than 2,000 Arrests

In addition to the 2,266 arrests, the operation resulted in the seizure of $154 million, 1,262 pounds of methamphetamine, 2.5 tons of cocaine, 1,410 pounds...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Crime In California City's Park Is 'Nonexistent' With Video Surveillance

Using a four-camera wireless video surveillance system, the Hawthorne Police Department has made crime "virtually nonexistent" in a 6.2-acre city park.
Categories: Investigations
CBS Chicago Reports Police Expected Admission of Guilt in Smollett Deal

Jussie Smollett was to admit guilt for staging a hate crime. Instead he walked free.
Categories: Investigations
Genetec AutoVu SharpZ3 Mobile LPR System Now Available

For law enforcement officers who use mobile ALPR to aid investigations, the new Genetec AutoVu SharpZ3 allows patrols to flag vehicles based on vehicle type...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Attacks on Nashville Police Lead to New Measures

Metro police are setting up mobile video cameras and beefing up patrols in an East Nashville public housing development after two officers were attacked and...
Categories: Command, Investigations, Technology
Video: More Than 40 Police Agencies to Get $79M to Test Rape Kits

The combined grants from the Manhattan DA and the U.S. Justice Department will provide funds to more than 40 law enforcement jurisdictions to pay for...

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