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Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Video: Palm Springs, CA, Mourns 2 Officers Killed in Weekend Shooting

The Palm Springs (CA) PD officers killed were identified as Officer Jose “Gil" Vega, a 35-year veteran of the department who was due to retire in December,...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Suspect Found Biting Pieces of Man's Face Off at Murder Scene

When the first deputy arrived, she found Harrouff on top of the male stabbing victim who was lying in the driveway. The sheriff said Harrouff was biting the...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Ask the Expert Your Questions About Security Policy and the Cloud

Now you can ask an expert your questions about security policy and the cloud and read responses to others' questions on
Categories: Command, Investigations, Special Units
Video: Homicide Suspect in CA OIS Streamed Shootout on Facebook

Authorities said a homicide suspect streamed a shootout he was involved in with Los Angeles police officers in Hawthorne, CA, on Facebook Live Thursday.
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Crash Zone and Crime Zone 9.0

The CAD Zone has released Version 9.0 of its popular Crash Zone and Crime Zone diagramming software programs for law enforcement professionals. Users claim...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
VA Officer Stabbed at Domestic

While officers were attempting to detain him, the suspect stabbed one of the officers with a knife. Other officers on scene immediately provided first aid...
Categories: Command, Investigations, Technology, Training & Careers
Agencies Scrutinizing Social Media Use By Recruits

Some agencies are also demanding that applicants provide private passwords, Internet pseudonyms, text messages and e-mail logs for sites including Facebook,...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Technology
Phoenix Crime Scene Unit Now Accredited

Phoenix became the only municipal police department in the country - and one of nine agencies in the world - to have its mobile crime-scene specialists...
Categories: Command, Investigations, Patrol, Training & Careers
Pittsburgh Chief Forced To Resign

The second-highest-ranking member of the union representing Pittsburgh police officers said the rank-and-file are still shocked this morning by the sudden...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Cellebrite Launches UFED Touch Mobile Forensics Solution

Cellebrite's UFED Touch allows investigators to more easily extract and decode digital evidence from mobile devices including smartphones, legacy phones,...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Technology
L.A. County Sheriff Suspends DNA Testing in Sexual Assault Cases

Out of cash and understaffed, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has suspended its faltering effort to analyze DNA evidence from thousands of...
Categories: Investigations
Tactical MAX ALS Kit

An alternate light source for use on the scene.
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Procedures & Policies
Corruption: Policing the Police

Among more polite officers, internal affairs is thought of as a necessary evil. In less polite, more candid circles it's thought of in less savory terms...
Categories: Investigations
Alabama Detective Killed Off Duty, Ex-Boyfriend Charged with Murder

A Montgomery, AL, police detective was killed Monday morning in an apparent domestic violence related incident and her ex-boyfriend was charged in...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Super Surveillance

In preparation for Super Bowl XLIV, the Miami-Dade Police Department coordinated with the FBI, Sony Electronics, a local security integrator and other...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Point of Law
Florida Passes Law to Help Police Investigate Online Child Predation

Under the new law, internet providers can't tell a perp they're being investigated for 90 days. If police need more time, they can have a delay extended in...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units
Tampa Suspect in 4 Killings Arrested, 4-year-old Autistic Boy Found Safe

SWAT teams swarmed a downtown Tampa hotel early Friday to arrest a suspect in a quadruple killing and a 4-year-old autistic boy believed to be the man's son...
Categories: Command, Investigations, Patrol, Point of Law
Shots Fired: Carbondale, Illinois 01/29/2007

When Officer John Doogan and his partner arrived at the cottage house on Beveridge Street, all they knew was that it was a domestic call and that...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Philly Officer's Shooter Loyal to ISIS Likely Acted Alone

FBI Director James B. Comey said Thursday that investigators were not currently seeking any other suspects in last week's shooting of a Philadelphia police...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units
Report: Undercover Officer Took Part In Biker Attack

An undercover NYPD officer has been placed on modified duty and turned in his badge and gun for taking part in a biker gang attack on a motorist late last...
Categories: Investigations, Weapons
Stopping Power: Myths, Legends, and Realities

As a trauma surgeon and a tactical medical specialist, I am often asked by law enforcement officers what caliber and type of handgun ammunition offers...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
D.A. Report Details L.A. Sheriff's Captain Drug-Link Probe

Los Angeles County Sheriff's officials created an elaborate sting operation to investigate whether a respected captain was secretly passing information to a...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Durabook SA14 Rugged Notebook

GammaTech's latest rugged notebook, the Durabook SA14, contains a range of wireless connectivity for use away from an office, with a battery life of up to...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Electronic Evidence Management

Managing evidence is one of law enforcement's most critical tasks. Automating evidence management enables property room personnel to...
Categories: Command, Investigations, Patrol, Technology
DNA: Tales of the Double Helix

Blood stains are really hard to get out. And today, with the advent of DNA matching, it’s even harder for criminals to mask their violent deeds, as...
Categories: Investigations, Training & Careers
What CSIs Want You to Know

As for responding officers, the question for us becomes twofold. First, do we appreciate the importance of CSI's role and, second (oftentimes more...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Audio Recorder

Olympus has updated its popular VN Series with the introduction of the VN-541PC audio recorder. It is engineered for smart functionality, intuitive...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Point of Law
Open Wide and Say,

Under what circumstances would the Fourth Amendment allow routine collection of DNA samples upon arrest and booking? A recent Supreme Court...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units
Video: Houston PD Officer Linked to Drug Cartel, Bond Hearing Held

Federal agents say for years members of the Zetas drug cartel paid a veteran Houston police officer to supply them with guns, bulletproof vests, cars, and...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Eight Virginia Officers Hurt When Suspect Sets Fire

Eight Fairfax County, VA, police officers required medical attention for burns, smoke inhalation, and other injuries because of a fire set by a domestic...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Officer Killed in PA Ambush, Suspect Found Dead

A manhunt is underway in western Pennsylvania for the person who shot two police officers -- killing one of them -- in an early morning ambush-style attack,...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Case Study: A Body in New Brunswick

It would take seven more years, two first-degree murder trials, two guilty verdicts, and a multitude of appeals before David Tanasichuk was finally...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
N.J. Cops Take Down Robbery Suspect

East Orange (N.J.) Police tackled a man suspected of robbing a dollar store within minutes of the crime after municipal cameras identified him. Read the...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Technology
Virginia Sheriffs' Offices Searching Cold Cases for Link to Missing UVA Student

Police reveal there may be a new forensic link with the missing UVA student case and other cold cases in Virginia.
Categories: Command, Investigations, Technology
CLEAR: The Complete Solution for Law Enforcement Investigations

CLEAR is a powerful research tool that helps law enforcement investigators close cases faster.
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Technology
Camera Hand Strap

The SpiderPro Hand Strap's thin and extremely durable material slides in between the camera body and any tripod plate, making it a universal hand strap.
Categories: Command, Investigations, Technology, Training & Careers
Virginia Trooper Applicants Must Allow Social Media Review

The Virginia State Police now require potential troopers to provide their social media accounts for review during an extensive background screening process....
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Ekin Safe City Products Now Available to United States Market

Ekin, known for its safe city technologies, has now launched its full line of mobile and versatile security products in the United States.
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Demoted Ariz. Cops Sue City Over Crime Scene Slideshow

Four Phoenix Police Department officers accused of showing photos of corpses in a video slide show during a holiday party have filed a $2.9 million notice...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Scene Containment Kit

SiteBloc provides for a quick and easy establishment of a six-foot-tall by 36-foot-long privacy barrier that is adjustable in 12-foot sections. SiteBloc can...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units
Ariz. Task Force Bust Nets Marijuana, Guns, Illegals

A task force in southern Arizona seized 4,369 pounds of marijuana, 40 undocumented aliens, four vehicles, and three weapons during an operation that...
Categories: Investigations, Vehicle Ops
Federal Signal Introduces SpectraLux ILS Lighting

Federal Signal has introduced the SpectraLux ILS vehicle lighting that's ideal for the most popular undercover and highway vehicle applications, according...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Video: Second Man Wanted in Shooting Death of Arkansas Officer Arrested

The second person wanted in the murder of a Forrest City, AR, police officer has been arrested in Memphis.
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Video: Bizarre Road Rage Incident Between Police Cruiser and Car

A video has surfaced of a bizarre road range incident between a Nissan sedan and a Miramar (FL) Police Department vehicle on a South Florida highway. Police...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Training & Careers
Investigating Self-Defense Homicides

Contemporary laws pertaining to self-defense such as "Stand Your Ground" and the "Castle Doctrine" represent significant changes to the civil rights of...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Centice Upgrades Mobile Narcotics Identification System

The portable MFL-3000 enables narcotic squads and drug task forces to quickly and easily perform drug identification in the field without destroying...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Miss. Detective Remembered As Devoted Dad

Jackson (Miss.) Police Detective Eric Smith loved his two sons and displayed a memorabilia shrine to his favorite NFL football team in his home, friends of...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Technology
New MediaSolv VIS Products

TranTech has developed three additions to its MediaSolv VIS products. MediaSolv VIS Lite is an inexpensive turnkey solution that gives a small police...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Cleveland Officer Under Investigation for Not Aiding Other Cops in Struggle

During the struggle, one officer calmly walked down the street to get an ambulance crew. He can be heard telling paramedics, "I don't want to go hands on. I...
Categories: Investigations
Cobwebs Technologies: Deep Web Detective

Cobwebs Technologies' AI-powered solutions allow officers to find hidden information about criminals and how they're linked across all facets of the internet.

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