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Categories: Investigations, Technology
Facial Recognition Comes of Age

Applications for facial recognition are still being determined, but some of the most common include criminal investigations, identification of people...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
How Video Analysis Helped the Vancouver Riot Prosecutors

The Vancouver Police Department and surrounding agencies anaylized hundreds of hours of video footage in the prosecution of hockey hooligans.
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Training & Careers
Responding to Domestic Disturbances

A domestic disturbance call can involve anything from a verbal dispute to a homicide. So we all need reminders of the danger of domestic disputes and...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Procedures & Policies
How To…Understand Your Role as an Initial Investigator

Conducting an investigation involves knowing your first responder responsibilities and knowing what the follow-up investigator (detective) will be...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Evidence Collection Tools

These seven companies provide the tools that ease the burden of evidence collection at crime scenes.
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Getting a Clue

Technological advances in instrumentation and equipment let law enforcement continually rethink what is possible when collecting forensic evidence....
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Technology
Learn to Read Product DNA

Every crime scene, like every picture, tells a story. There are times when an obvious piece of evidence, complete with its own documented history, stares...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Special Units
Police Diver Retrieves Evidence, Vehicles From Rivers and Bayous

In addition to his patrol duties, Officer Mark Michaud heads up his agency's dive team, which finds and retrieves stolen vehicles and other evidence. He...
Categories: Command, Investigations, Training & Careers
Combating Fake Charities

Scammers come out of the woodwork after disasters, and it's our job to stop them.
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Point of Law, Special Units, Training & Careers
Reduce Negative Impact of Miranda

Has Miranda v. Arizona adversely affected criminal justice and public safety? Miranda has resulted in the inability to clear a...
Categories: Command, Investigations, Patrol
Stalking on Campus: A Silent Epidemic

Twenty-four people per minute are victims of rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner in the United States, and a significant...
Categories: Investigations
Evidence Storage 101

Make sure your agency has the right storage for your evidence needs.
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Point of Law
Open Wide and Say,

Under what circumstances would the Fourth Amendment allow routine collection of DNA samples upon arrest and booking? A recent Supreme Court...
Categories: Investigations
CSI: Helping Authors Keep It Real

The mission of the Writers' Police Academy is to teach authors about how actual law enforcement officers and crime scene specialists investigate crimes.
Categories: Investigations, Point of Law, Technology
Hobbling Our Investigations

Some elected officials seem compelled to introduce legislation aimed at protecting the rights of suspected criminals while impeding our...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Asking the Right Questions

Quickly gaining rapport and eliciting information from individuals is one of the most valuable tools in law enforcement. Obtaining admissions from...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Moving Pictures

While all components of crime scene investigation are important, visual documentation stands out as the most effective tool for describing and recreating...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units, Technology
Police Robots on Land and Sea

Some of the top police and sheriff's departments in this country have fielded robots for a variety of tasks since the 1990s. But we are now seeing a...
Categories: Investigations, Point of Law, Technology
Surveillance Technology: An End to Stakeouts?

Modern surveillance techniques still use the old methods, but technology can make the process both easier and more likely to yield good results.
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Mobile Forensics in Transition

One reason why there is so much demand to move the preliminary forensic analysis of mobile devices out of the lab is that agencies are realizing the...

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