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Categories: Investigations, Patrol
The Hazards of Homemade Explosives

Whether a department's jurisdiction lies nestled among the cornfields of rural Nebraska or in the center of a major city, homemade explosives pose a very...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Point of Law
Juveniles and Miranda

In J.D.B. v. North Carolina, the Supreme Court didn't really clarify the issue of Mirandizing juveniles. Until further issues are litigated,...
Categories: Command, Investigations, Patrol, Technology
IACP 2013: Both Sides of Today’s Police Products

There's the stuff that you would expect to see at any law enforcement exposition and there's the stuff that seems to have dropped out of a science...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Mobile Technology 2018

Use these high-tech tools to enhance your capabilities on duty when rolling in your mobile office.
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Point of Law
Behind Closed Doors

One part of the domestic violence scenario that remains unchanged is its extreme danger for the law enforcement officer sent to restore order out of...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Point of Law
50 Years After Miranda

Officers on the job before 1966 knew that the right to remain silent was guaranteed by the Constitution, but no officer from that era ever thought...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Point of Law
Admonitions and Waivers

Most of your communications with criminal suspects are "unscripted" dialogue. But in certain situations it can be very important that you say the right...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Cyber Security: Locking Down the Databases

Computer security is one of the primary concerns for many of the nation's companies and government agencies. Billions of dollars is spent each year on...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Streamlining the Chain of Evidence

CMPD crime scene techs say their work can be very physically demanding and officers often don't realize what is involved. "I don't know how many times I...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Special Units
April Fools

The fourth month of the year is generally pleasant. But as the month progresses, the dates mark the anniversaries of illicit and sinister events and the...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units, Training & Careers
Nevada's Gaming Control Board

Any casino operator must secure a gaming license from the Nevada Gaming Commission and agree to comply with extensive rules of...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Point of Law
Shots Fired: Cleveland, Ohio 04/10/1985

A mere eight seconds had passed between the time the uniformed unit pulled up and Paskvan's request for paramedics, time enough for the man to have...
Categories: Investigations, Special Units
Police Product Test: Benchmade Interdiction Kits

The Benchmade Interdiction Kit is one outstanding tool in the fight to stem the flow of drugs in the United States. By using the included aluminum...
Categories: Investigations
Evidence Storage 101

Make sure your agency has the right storage for your evidence needs.
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Inside An FBI Undercover Operation

The two-year investigation initially targeted corrupt employees at the DMV who sold fraudulent driver's licenses and vehicle registrations to drug...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol
Don’t Get Burned

Although arson laws and reporting requirements vary from state to state, here are some basic things to consider when investigating fire incidents,...
Categories: Investigations, Technology
10 Top Law Enforcement Apps

POLICE Magazine has identified 10 smartphone apps that provide potent tools for patrol officers. These 10 law enforcement apps should keep you engaged in...
Categories: Investigations, Patrol, Point of Law
Lawyers and Miranda Warnings: Either/Or?

It sometimes happens that a suspect's lawyer offers to surrender him for arrest and agrees to let his or her client be questioned, provided the...
Categories: Investigations
Closing Cases with High-Tech Forensics

Tools for digital intelligence analysis, ballistics matching, and crime scene scanning are becoming easier to use and are yielding faster results.
Categories: Investigations, Technology
Analyzing DNA Blueprints

Parabon NanoLabs' Snapshot does much more than reveal an unknown subject's hair color and eye color. It can also be used to determine a subject's...

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