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Categories: Training & Careers
The Rear Wrist Lock

One excellent technique for gaining control of a resisting person that doesn't require you to take him to the ground or use a weapon is the rear wrist...
Categories: Training & Careers
Tactics and Training: How Do We Reach the Next Level?

The time has come to talk about not just where we've been and where we are with tactics and training, but where we're going and how to get there.
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Defense Against Standing Choke Holds

If a suspect is trying to choke you, you are in a deadly force encounter and accessing your handgun would be appropriate. But depending on what...
Categories: Procedures & Policies, Special Units, Training & Careers
How to Become a Bomb Tech

There are many more officers who want to wear the fabled bomb tech symbol of laurel leaves, electric bolts, and an aerial known as the "crab" than there...
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers

Law enforcement works a profound sea-change in the blood of men and women who have worn the badge. It makes them more informed voters, neighbors,...
Categories: Investigations, Procedures & Policies, Training & Careers
How To Survive a Reprimand

Dealing with a reprimand at work can be a very distressing situation. Sometimes we create the situation and sometimes the situation is created for us....
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers

Quiz time! What is the size of a two-dollar pad of paper but contains the entire value of your police career inside of it? Answer: Your city and...
Categories: Procedures & Policies, Training & Careers
Dealing with the Deaf

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes it very clear that hearing impaired people are entitled to the same level of service from law...
Categories: Training & Careers
How to Speak to the Mentally Ill

Barking orders and giving demands to someone who is already agitated will only make things worse.
Categories: Patrol, Training & Careers
Cuffing with Useful Force

Tragically, the lives of many officers have been lost at the hands of suspects who attacked without warning as the officer attempted to apply handcuffs....

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