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As we individuals grow older, we tend to become more studied. Our experiences define a wise posture that we carry around, and our companies benefit. That...

When it comes to manufacturing fuel systems, it’s also all about the hardware. Proper vehicle operation starts with quality hardware components.

While my daily driver is a propane autogas vehicle, my family’s SUV isn’t. If you follow my blog, you know I often drive to visit family back home in...
School Buses Graduate to Alternative Fuels

What “little thing” in your product or service might change everything?

Surround yourself with those who are equally driven and passionate for a cause. Then, make sure a common “why” drives you and your staff.
Michigan Emergency Highlights Need for Alt Fuels

Our country has plenty of propane autogas and compressed natural gas readily available to fill our transportation fuel tanks.
Is Timing Everything? When to Make Your Critical Decision

Is now the right time for you to make a critical decision?
Setting Your Standard for Customer Service

How does your customer service measure up against other companies’ efforts, whether they are in your industry or outside of it?
Make Your 'New and Improved' 10 Times Better

Companies that want to succeed and thrive must strive for 10-times better technology, because slight incremental improvements mean no improvement at all for...

It’s no secret that alternative fuel technology has been available to fleets for decades. Yet fueling with gasoline and diesel remains the norm for most...
There Is No “Right” Decision, Only the One You Make

Stop worrying about making the right decision; focus instead on steering your company successfully along the road chosen.

Have you ever seen a flock of geese migrating with one goose in the lead and the others trailing behind in a perfect V formation? This is an example of how...

Not since the days of Henry Ford has the technician’s job changed quite as much as it has with the development of alternative fuel vehicles.

Where are the “brakes” in your company? And how are they helping you move forward more quickly?

Alternative fuel manufacturers across the spectrum are currently auditioning for a role to take the big stage. Whether it’s electric, natural gas or propane...
View From the Summit: Alt Fuels Here to Stay

Staying alert to shifts in our industry helps us all serve our customers better.

Simply cutting corners is usually not the best solution for fleet managers to stay within their budget. Instead, by learning how to operate their fleets...
Solar System or Silos? Your Company May Need Both

In his book, “Accelerate (XLR8),” business expert John Kotter likens the structure of start-up companies to a solar system or a molecule, in which “the...
Looking for Mr. and Ms. Right for the Job

Are you listening to your gut when making decisions about the right people for the right job?

Propane, called autogas when used as an engine fuel, has been moving vehicles for a century. And during those 100 years, it's had the same chemical makeup,...

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