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Categories: Maintenance, Safety

The slowdown in the nation's economy has prompted many companies to re-examine their cost containment strategies, which has resulted in new initiatives to...
Categories: Safety
Why Reimbursement Doesn’t Work From a Safety & Liability Perspective

Ask yourself these questions. With an employee-provided vehicle, how do you ensure it is properly maintained? How do you know the condition of the tires?...
Categories: Safety, Telematics
The Use of Telematics to Increase Fleet Safety

The use of telematics – the combination of global positioning systems (GPS) and remote diagnostics – in fleet continues to grow, providing fleet managers...
Categories: Safety

Some nationally dispersed fleets include a provision in their fleet policy stating that a driver is liable for wage deductions for damage to his or her...
Categories: Safety
Multi-Tasking While Driving is Causing a Rise in Preventable Accidents

More and more fleet managers rank driver safety as either their number-one or number-two challenge (after the high cost of fuel). One reason for the...
Categories: Safety
Not Covered by DOT? Think Again

Most companies operating vehicles under 10,001 lbs. gross vehicle weight (GVW) believe they are not covered by DOT (U.S. Department of Transportation)...
Categories: Safety
Driving While Drowsy Is the Same as Being Intoxicated

If you are driving while fatigued, you are impaired. Just like alcohol, fatigue affects your ability to drive by slowing reaction time, decreasing...
Categories: Safety, Safety & Risk Management
NETS Benchmark Conference Attracts Record Attendance

Attendance for the annual NETS benchmark conference has grown every year since its inaugural conference in 2007.
Categories: Safety
Asset- vs. Driver-Based Safety Programs

The two key pillars to fleet safety are spec’ing the asset to ensure a vehicle is safe and managing driver behavior. Both are effective safety strategies,...
Categories: Safety
Revising Upfitting Specs Can Decrease Workers’ Comp Claims

Avoiding potential workers’ compensation claims is becoming a greater factor in fleet upfitting decisions. For example, according to a Zurich Service Corp....
Categories: Safety
Upfit Specs Can Reduce Workers Comp Claims

Workers comp claims resulting from use of upfitted equipment is on the rise. Poor upfitting decisions often result in expensive litigation to defend...
Categories: Fuel, Maintenance, Operations, Safety, Vehicle Research

Medium-duty truck sales have declined sharply, as have resale values, due to the recession and the slowdown in new construction. Many fleets are extending...
Categories: Safety, Safety & Risk Management
More Fleets Making ADAS Tech Mandatory

The availability of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) is a growing influence on vehicle acquisition decisions, but fleets are recognizing the need...
Categories: Safety
More Fleets Focusing on Driver Risk Management

Nowadays, when RFPs are issued for accident management services, they are also including requests for driver risk management safety programs. This new...
Categories: Operations, Safety, Safety & Risk Management
CEI's New President/CEO on Leadership Change

CEI sees the fleet industry entering a transformative era fueled by OEMs, fleet management companies, and suppliers focusing on technology-driven innovation...
Categories: Safety
Tangible Versus Non-Tangible Fleet Safety Recognition

Monetary-based fleet safety incentive programs are well-intentioned efforts by companies to encourage drivers to maintain a high level of safe driving...
Categories: Safety
Commercial Fleet Accident Rate Reaches 20%

The annual accident rate for commercial fleets is around 20%. Even with vehicle safety technology proliferating, traffic deaths are on the rise after years...
Categories: Safety
Fleet Managers Prove Their Mettle at Mercedes' AMG Driving Academy

Participating in an intense one-day program were 25 fleet professionals, who learned about performance driving dynamics and how to safely react during...
Categories: Safety
Driving and Prescription Drugs Can be a Lethal RX

As fleet manager, any time one of your drivers uses an over-the-counter or prescribed medication, you must consider the risk and the effect it might have on...
Categories: Safety
Top Trends Fleet Accident & Driver Risk Management

These include increased Internet-enabled real-time communication, new technology applications, increased cost of replacement parts, and, perhaps most...

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