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Categories: Electric Vehicles, Safety, Utility Fleet
Analyzing Risky Behavior in Utility Fleets

Lytx analyzed and labeled more than 50 million risky driving events in 2019, including a specific focus on utility fleets.
Categories: Drivers, Fleet Management, Maintenance, Safety
Mike Albert Launches Maintenance & Driver Monitoring Platform

AlbertIQ is a new proprietary analytics platform that monitors the mechanical health of fleet vehicles as well as when, where, and how long they are used...
Categories: Safety
Safe Driving Increases Fuel Efficiency & Lowers GHG Emissions

The biggest obstacle to fuel efficiency, fleet safety, and sustainability initiatives is often company drivers themselves. .
Categories: Safety
Nearly Half of Americans Struggle to Stay Awake Behind Wheel

About 45% of adult drivers say they have struggled to stay awake while driving, according to a recent survey from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
Categories: Safety
How to Manage Driving Space

Whether moving, parking or stopping, drivers should understand that an appropriate space cushion will keep them, and other drivers, safer while on the road.
Categories: Safety
Report Questions Breathalyzer Accuracy

Though designed to get drunk drivers off the road, breath-testing devices can be highly inaccurate, yielding results as much as 40% too high, reports the...
Categories: Safety
States With Strictest Texting-While-Driving Laws Ranked

Oregon secures the position of the strictest state for texting while driving with a maximum fine of $1,000 for the offense, which is 10 times the median...
Categories: Drivers, Safety
iGen: Appealing to a New Generation of Drivers

Between drivers retiring without enough recruits to take their place, and demand rapidly growing, the need for qualified professionals is expected to...
Categories: Safety, Safety & Risk Management
Speeding Fatalities Fell 5.7% Last Year

Highway fatalities decreased by 2.4% last year, dropping from 37,473 lost lives in 2017 to 36,560 deaths in 2018, according to NHTSA.
Categories: Safety
Safest Driving Cities Ranked with Population Density Factored

Boise, Idaho, has moved up from third place to the number one safest driving city in the nation when factoring in population density in Allstate's 2019...
Categories: Safety

Commercial fleets now have access to FICO Safe Driving Score 2.0 in eDriving’s smartphone-based driver risk management solution, Mentor by eDriving.
Categories: Safety
State Speeding Penalties Ranked

The maximum fine for first-time speeders in Nevada is $1,000 — the highest penalty in the country and more than triple of any other state.
Categories: Safety
Drivers Thwarting Safety Tech with Video Chat, Texting

Some 62% of drivers with adaptive cruise control say they read or send texts while driving as compared with just 49% of drivers without adaptive cruise...
Categories: Safety
Blind Spot Strategies

Drivers should always be checking side mirrors, and turning their head to eliminate the blind spot in the back right corner and back left corner.
Categories: Safety, Safety & Compliance
Advanced Driver Monitoring Tech Gaining Wider Acceptance

Almost half of the respondents to a survey (46%) agreed that a driver monitoring system should be required by law in vehicles. The younger the driver, the...
Categories: Safety
How to Deal with Aggressive Drivers

Follow these six tips to avoid confrontations with drivers who engage in tailgating, unnecessary horn honking, verbal assaults, or making hostile hand gestures.
Categories: Safety
Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive driving behavior can include tailgating, unnecessary horn honking, verbal assaults, or making hostile hand gestures.
Categories: Operations, Safety
Drivers Recognize Dangerous Behaviors, Engage Anyway

Nearly 96% of drivers believe reading a text or email on a hand-held cellphone while driving is very or extremely dangerous as compared with 79.8% who feel...
Categories: Products, Safety, Safety & Compliance
Predictive Coach Automatically Assigns Driver Training Based on Behavior

Predictive Coach is driver training software that assigns behavior-based training based on actual driving behavior from a telematics device.
Categories: Safety
Seat-Belt Liability Bill Advances in Louisiana

The Louisiana House has approved legislation that would allow failure to wear seat belts to be entered into evidence when judges assess accident damages.

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