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Categories: Operations
Driving Fleet Emissions Down

Drivers trained and motivated to adopt fuel-efficient driving habits can improve a fleet’s fuel economy by as much as 20 percent. Even small individual...
Categories: Operations

Sharing green practices with other fleets, selecting more fuel-efficient vehicles, and replacing lead wheel weights in tires have proven helpful for several...
Categories: Electric, Natural Gas, Operations, Propane Autogas

Fleets across the country are looking to reduce emissions, and have found numerous ways of doing so. From deploying alternative-fuel vehicles, to utilizing...
Categories: Natural Gas
Kansas City Gets Motivated to Use Natural Gas

The City of Kansas City, Mo., once had a pilot program of just 12 CNG-powered fleet units. Today, through dedicated grant seeking, the CNG fleet now nears...
Categories: Natural Gas
Ready for Civic Duty

Fourteen years after its debut in 1998, the Honda Civic Natural Gas holds the title as the longest continuous OEM-produced, compressed natural gas...
Categories: Electric, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
What is the Future of All-Electric Medium-Duty Trucks?

What makes medium-duty trucks conducive to all-electric drive technology? What’s accelerating expansion of PEVs in the medium-duty market? What’s...
Categories: Operations
Greening The New York City Parks Department

Following a three-month pilot test utilizing B-100 in select city equipment, the City’s Parks Department now fuels all 800 diesel units in its fleet with B-20.
Categories: Electric, Electric Vehicles, Green Fleet, Safety
How to Educate Drivers on Electric Vehicle Safety

It’s crucial for fleet managers to educate drivers on the unique driving characteristics of EVs. Solutions include information sessions with manufacturers,...
Categories: Electric Vehicles, Operations, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
How To Plan For And Embrace Electric Vehicles

Corporate fleet managers walking through the steps of electrifying their workaday vehicles give the straight scoop on adoption.
Categories: Hybrids, Sustainability
'RydeGreen' Hybrid Trucks Maximize Fuel & Minimize Costs

Ryder’s approach to improving fleet fuel efficiency helps fleets reap the bottom-line benefits of going green.
Categories: Charging, Electric, Electric Vehicles, Hybrids, Legal/Legislative, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
PG&E Electrifies Its Sustainability Efforts

The San Francisco-based energy provider expanded its electric vehicle charging efforts and released a Class 5 plug-in hybrid electric bucket truck.
Categories: Operations, Propane Autogas, Sustainability
DHL Delivers on Green

Propane autogas is the latest alternative fuel powering up the DHL Express pickup and delivery fleet and helping the company minimize its environmental impact.
Categories: Electric, Electric Vehicles, Electrification, Equipment, Fuel Smarts, Green Fleet, Suppliers, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
Heavy Payloads and Commercial EV Range — a Real-World Test

How efficient is an all-electric Class 6 delivery truck in its regular duty cycle with payloads up to 11,000 lbs.? Weight is less of an EV range inhibitor...
Categories: Electric, Electric Vehicles, Electrification, Equipment, Fuel Smarts, Green Fleet, Vehicle Research
SEA Electric Puts Commercial Trucks Onto Cleaner Path

A maker of all-electric power systems, SEA Electric can customize new cab chassis or convert existing ones for the light-, medium-, and heavy-duty truck...
Categories: Electric, Electric Vehicles, Electrification, Equipment, Fuel Smarts, Green Fleet, Suppliers, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
The Tesla Cybertruck Is Not What You Think It Is

And why it doesn’t matter if many people buy it.
Categories: Electric Vehicles, Hybrids, Operations, Sustainability, Vehicle OEM, Vehicle Research, Vehicles
BMW Understands ‘Clients Come First’ Mentality

The automaker wants to show operators what they can offer the customer in the backseat.
Categories: Electric, Electric Vehicles, Green Fleet, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
Key Considerations for Electrifying Medium-Duty Fleets

Shared are the top eight items to consider when evaluating commercial medium-duty EVs for your fleet, from routes and usage patterns to driving training.
Categories: Electric, Electric Vehicles, Equipment, Fuel Smarts, Hybrids, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
Commentary: Will Electric Trucks Charge Ahead?

They are already here in small numbers, and several P&D fleets...are aggressively evaluating their performance today. So what does the future hold for...
Categories: Clean Diesel, Hybrids, Sustainability
How Retrofitting Fits in Today’s Fleets

Manufacturing hybrid-electric chassis since 2001, Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. now retrofits older medium-duty diesel trucks with new engines and...
Categories: Charging, Electric, Electric Vehicles, Fuel Smarts, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
Q&A: Ryder's Chris Nordh on Electric Trucks, Future Tech

Ryder System's senior director of advanced vehicle technology and global fuel products, Chris Nordh, spoke with HDT about the prospect of commercial...
Categories: Operations
6 Ideas for Spec'ing Greener Trucks Without Breaking the Bank

While many commercial truck fleets may have qualms about going “green,” the process can make a statement and add to the bottom line.
Categories: Biofuels, Green Fleet
5 Steps to Improving Biodiesel Performance in Cold Weather

A biodiesel specialist with the Illinois Soybean Association provides five steps to help ensure trouble-free fuel performance this winter.
Categories: Batteries/Tech, Connected Fleets, Electric Vehicles, Fleet Management, Fuel Smarts, Green Fleet, Sustainability, Technology, Telematics, Vehicle Research
Creating Data That Can Help Drive Electric Fleet Vehicles

Business intelligence analysis provider Utilimarc is setting up the process to field detailed information on running electric vehicles in large fleets.
Categories: Electric, Electric Vehicles, Electrification, Fleet Management, Green Fleet, Suppliers
Understanding Effects of Payload and Towing on Commercial EV Range

As fleet operators adjust duty cycles for commercial electric vehicles, they must consider weight, vehicle modifications, environment, and EV-specific...
Categories: Fuel Smarts, Propane Autogas, Sustainability
Propane's Benefits Go Beyond Going Green

Autogas has been on trucking’s radar since long before alternative fuels were required, thanks to its various built-in advantages.
Categories: Electric, Equipment, Fuel Smarts, Green Fleet, Legal/Legislative, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
Canadian Grocery Fleet Installs All-Electric Reefer Units in Sustainability Bid

Vancouver-based SPUD is adopting all-electric refrigeration technology that allows the delivery vehicle’s engine to be turned off during stops, which saves...
Categories: Natural Gas, Operations
Real-World Fleets Put Natural Gas Vehicles to the Test

A cost-effective alternative to conventionally powered vehicles, natural gas is utilized in several different fleet segments and is producing strong results.
Categories: Green Fleet, Incentives/Grants, vEvents
Six Takeaways from Fleet Forward Experience Day 1

We learned that Tesla is a player in fleet and that autonomy is taking various paths to evolution. Digital keys and car-as-wallet technologies are driving...
Categories: Clean Diesel, Electric, Electric Vehicles, Gasoline, Hybrids, Natural Gas, Operations, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
2014-MY Expands Fleets' OEM Green Options

The 2014 model-year will see all-new hybrid, electric, extended-range electric, compressed natural gas (CNG), diesel, and even some highly fuel-efficient...
Categories: Fuel, Green Fleet, Operations
Think Alternative Fuels Lower Fleet Expenses? Look at Maintenance

In today’s thriving economy, it’s a good year to be a fleet manager. Yet, at the same time, fleet managers at transportation companies, as well as at...
Categories: Fuel Smarts, Green Fleet, Hydrogen
H2: Zero-Emissions Holy Grail?

Hydrogen fuel-cell truck development isn’t as close to commercial viability as battery-electric, but it has advanced by leaps and bounds in the past few years.
Categories: Hybrids, Operations, Sustainability

From its first Toyota Prius hybrid vehicle to a current fleet of more than 350 hybrid-electric vehicles, plus the use of van pools and energy-efficient...
Categories: Equipment, Fuel Smarts, Operations
Uncertainty Surrounds Trailers and GHG Phase 2

Trailer aerodynamics and glider kits might get a reprieve from the fuel-efficiency rules, but backing away from national rules would turn California loose,...
Categories: Electric, Operations, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
What Is the Future of Electric Vehicles in Fleet?

With improvements in battery technology, public interest, and a better understanding of the vehicle technology, the future looks bright for electrified...
Categories: Electric, Natural Gas, Operations
A New Team Hustles Onto the Alt-Fuel Field in North Carolina

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program grows its ranks with the Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition.
Categories: Operations
8 Steps to Create Fuel-Saving Eco-Drivers

Most studies agree that at least one-third of a fleet's overall fuel efficiency is directly impacted by a driver's actions behind the wheel. An effective...
Categories: Electric Vehicles, Equipment, Safety, Sustainability, Technology, Vehicle Research
Daimler Talks Truck Sales, Tariffs, and Globalism

Daimler Trucks execs emphasized the benefits of global collaboration as the OEM develops new electric and automated truck technology, at the same time...
Categories: Electric, Legal/Legislative, Operations, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
To EV or Not to EV? Top Fleets Answer the Question

Going electric may not be for everyone, but several of the country’s top fleets have realized benefits from having electric vehicles in their operations....
Categories: Operations
D.C. Slims Down and Shapes Up

The District of Columbia reduced its fleet size without sacrificing needed vehicles. Determining a reduction target was the first step.
Categories: Charging, Electric Vehicles, Electrification, Fuel Smarts, Green Fleet, Hydrogen, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
Hydrogen: Truly Green Power

How fuel-cell-equipped trucks could put to work otherwise unexploited clean energy.
Categories: Electric, Electrification, Green Fleet, Hybrids, Legal/Legislative
7 Steps for a Successful Zero-Emission Vehicle Strategy

To help prepare your fleet for the adoption of zero-emission vehicles, follow these top tips.
Categories: Biofuels, Electric, Hybrids, Natural Gas, Operations, Propane Autogas, Sustainability, Vehicle Research

When it comes to alternative-fuel systems for medium-duty (Class 4-7) trucks, one size does not fit all. Fleets have five green options to consider.
Categories: Equipment, Green Fleet, Operations
Medium-Duty Truck Emissions in 2021 and Beyond

How will the second phase of the greenhouse gas rules affect medium-duty vehicles?
Categories: Operations
Proven Petroleum Reduction Strategies: Part II

The Illinois Green Fleets Program helps reward organizations and individuals for innovation and environmental stewardship.
Categories: Electric, Electric Vehicles, Electrification, Green Fleet, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
How Electric Vehicles Will Help AstraZeneca Achieve Carbon Neutrality

As electric vehicles are gradually implemented into AstraZeneca’s fleet, a key component to EV adoption will include a focus on educating drivers about how...
Categories: Electric Vehicles, Sustainability, Technology, Vehicle Research, Vehicles
Fast Forwarding The Limo Fleet

FEB LCT: Alternative energies and driverless features will be propelling the chauffeured vehicles of the future, likely in our lifetimes.
Categories: Propane Autogas, Sustainability
AmeriPride Takes Next Step with Propane Autogas

The textile and rental supply company’s alt-fuel fleet program is part of its wider sustainability efforts, and the company has plans to continue testing...
Categories: Biofuels, Legal/Legislative, Operations
How Does the 2010 EPA Standard Impact Fleet Biodiesel Use?

The EPA’s 2010 standard calls for reductions in nitrogen oxide emissions by 83 percent from the 2007 mandate. Industry experts discuss the new standard’s...
Categories: Hybrids, Sustainability, Vehicle OEM
Two-Mode Hybrids Point to a New Direction

GM & Chrysler introduce new two-mode hybrid systems in their full-sized SUVs. From city driving to hauling heavy loads, the systems provide optimum gearing ...
Categories: Operations
Mapping a Sustainable Fleet Strategy

Building an environmentally responsible fleet requires research, planning, and matching vehicles and technologies to applications and business needs. Two...

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