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Categories: Fuel
10 Fuel Management Strategies That Really Work

It’s in the news again; fuel prices are climbing and fleet managers are looking for ways to manage that largest variable expense. Here are 10 tested...
Categories: Fleet Management
A 'Fuelish' Situation

Prices soar and new ultra low sulfur diesel should kick them higher. ATA seeks to put a face on the problem.
Categories: Fuel Smarts
Bob Sliwa’s 3rd Aero Project Has Shell’s Backing

The StarShip tractor-trailer will get mpg that's "better than anyone else," but the former owner-operator, whose work with aerodynamics goes back to the...
Categories: Fuel

Vehicles 8,500-lbs. GVWR or more are exempt from federal fuel economy requirements, making it more challenging to project fuel economy for vehicles such as...
Categories: Green Fleet, Operations, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
Gas vs. Hybrids: Which is Better Suited for Your Fleet?

When considering the addition of hybrid vehicles to fleet, it’s important to make sure the financial aspects of these eco-friendly models meet your specific...
Categories: Fuel Smarts, Maintenance
5 Ways to Extend Tire Life and Improve Fuel Economy

Fuel efficiency and tread mileage go hand in hand. Here's one of those rare opportunities to whack two birds with one stone. By following these five easy...
Categories: Operations

This high-tech concept boasts more computing power with the ability to smoothly shut off half the engine in eight-cylinder vehicles, providing maximum fuel...
Categories: Fuel Smarts, Safety
How A Frankenstein Truck Averages Over 9 MPG

Steve Kron’s heavily modified 2001 International IHC 9400 routinely logs 10 mpg and has a million-plus mile lifetime average of 9.21 mpg.
Categories: Fuel Smarts, Safety, Technology
6 Simple Steps to Fuel Savings for Truck Fleets

There are more than a few ways to cut fuel costs, but there’s no one way to save that works the same for every fleet. However, there are many fuel-saving...
Categories: Maintenance, Operations, Safety
Ensuring Proper Trailer and Tanker Tire Pressure

With fuel costs and tire expenses the top two operating costs for fleet managers, a few simple tips and reminders can save money, improve vehicle handling,...
Categories: Fuel Smarts, Safety
Building a Culture of Fuel Economy

Driving truck fleet fuel efficiency gains needs to go deeper than hanging another aero device on your trailer.
Categories: Equipment, Fuel Smarts, Green Fleet, Operations
Tire Makers Are Thinking Ahead to GHG Phase 2 Standards

EPA’s GHG Phase 2 rules are still a couple of years off, but tire makers are already designing and testing new ultra-low-rolling-resistance tires.
Categories: Fuel Smarts, Maintenance
The Benefits of Low-Rolling-Resistance Tires Explained

There's little doubt left that tires formulated for lower rolling resistance work as advertised, but it's still tough to give up at few thousandths of an...
Categories: Fuel Smarts, Maintenance, Operations
The New Oils: An Update on CK-4 and FA-4

Last December, for the first time, the American Petroleum Institute started licensing two different approved heavy-duty diesel engine oils. CK-4 adoption is...
Categories: Fuel Smarts
Private Fleet Tackles Turbulence To Improve Fuel Economy

Duplainville Transport’s aerodynamic tractor-trailers average 7.7 mpg on trips among printing plants operated by its parent, QuadGraphics.
Categories: Fuel Smarts, Legal/Legislative, Operations
What Phase 2 GHG Regs Mean to Fleets

To meet Phase 2 GHG regulations, fleets will have to pay for advances to get required fuel-economy gains and keep everything working.
Categories: Equipment, Fleet Leasing, Fuel Smarts
How Tires and Wheels Can Help Save Fuel

From the axle spindle to the tread rubber, the rotating mass at the end of your axles have an impact on fuel economy.
Categories: Fuel

Overall, personal use charges stayed flat in 2012 versus 2011; however, fewer fleets are allowing personal use of company-provided vehicles and many are...
Categories: Electric Vehicles, Fuel Smarts, Sustainability, Vehicle Research
Commentary: How Fuel-Efficient is That Electric Truck?

No standard means of demonstrating the efficiency of electric vehicles has taken root in trucking yet. But the EPA’s MPGe rating gives fleet managers a...
Categories: Fuel
13 Steps Management Can Take Right Now to Optimize Fuel-Cost Savings

Increasing a vehicle’s fuel economy by 1 mpg can save a 300-vehicle fleet as much as $54,000 per year. Fleet managers can take action today to start...

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