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Categories: Retail, Suppliers, Service
Why Enthusiasts Matter to Your Business

I’m passionate about the vehicles I drive and so are millions of other vehicle owners. I’m not just passionate about my cars on the weekends,...
Categories: Retail, Suppliers, Service
Counter intelligence: I’m an optimistic skeptic, but...

I think I ended up a marketing guy because I was born a curious kid. I always wanted to understand how and why. Part of why is how, and part of how is why.
Categories: Retail, Suppliers, Service
Counter intelligence: Just when you thought it was safe...

This past week I got schooled by a grandmother. I’ve been either employed or involved in the tire game for over 30 years, and as a result, I get approached...
Categories: Retail, Wholesale Distribution, Commercial Business, Suppliers
Avoid email marketing pitfalls

As you can see from my picture in the article, I have a gray goatee. I am consistently asked what kind of Harley I ride. Occasionally, people make a comment...
Categories: Retail, Wholesale Distribution, Commercial Business, Suppliers, Service
Applying old adages to business today

Old adages are full of truth and wisdom, though meanings have changed as times have changed. It may be fun to stop and consider some quotes and how they...
Categories: Retail, Suppliers, Service
Be careful, Google is smarter than you think

Well, the digital world keeps on changing, and it’s changing at digital speed. As the digital world accelerates, it will continue to impact the retail,...
Categories: Retail, Suppliers
Information explosion!

If there is one theme that runs through the articles I’ve written for Modern Tire Dealer over the past year, it is this: change.
Categories: Retail, Commercial Business, Suppliers, Service
Coping with change: It seems fast isn't fast enough anymore

I’ve always admired how a cartoonist can say so much with a few images and a couple of captions. I remember years ago reading the comic strip Garfield — you...
Categories: Retail, Wholesale Distribution, Suppliers
Not dead, just different

This month we are going to delve into how retailers feel about private brand tires. I talked with dealers about the current trends and the future prospects...
Categories: Retail, Suppliers
Don't be a lost ball in high weeds!

Rubber companies’ and independent research studies I’ve read have shown that 65% of all tire shoppers research the Internet before making a “destination...

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